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Pep & Lekker’s new super tasty organic savoury seed snacks are set a solution to a tricky problem. How to snack in a healthy way and reduce reliance on sugar?

With at least 5 nutritious and delicious seeds packed into every pouch Pep and Lekker’s new seed assortments are guaranteed to satisfy even the most hungry and health conscious of snackers.

Apple & Cinnamon

At last, a wonderful alternative to sweet treats, for all the family. The apple and cinnamon combination delivers a natural sweetness without the sugar load of other sweet snacks. Perfect any time of day.

• Cinnamon is a known antixodant and great for your digestion

• Apples provide natural sweetness and are a good source of dietary fibre

Cacao & Coconut

A chocolate tasting snacking delight packed with health benefits that the whole family can enjoy. The combination of cacao & coconut deliver both a natural sweetness and a nutritional boost.

• Cacao, a superfood known for its antioxidant properties and loaded with iron and magnesium

• Coconut is a great source of satiating and digestion friendly fibre

Fennel & Chia Seed

The unique taste of fennel seeds combined with the nutritional punch of chia seeds produces a savoury snack that does more than fill the gap.

• Fennel is loaded with manganese and rich in powerful antioxidants

• Chia seeds are packed with nutrients including magnesium, calcium, fibre and quality protein

Cumin & Linseed

Cumin seed has a distinctive warm and nutty flavour and when coupled with the zingy punch of Szechuan pepper offers a savoury snack with a subtle spice.

• Cumin to rev up digestion and a rich source of iron

• Linseeds a good source of Omega 3’s and other fatty acids

• 12% Chicory Root Fibre (inulin) supports gut health

Rosemary & Hemp

The much loved taste of rosemary combined with the super food qualities of hemp seed provides an irresistible savoury snack that satisfies on many levels.

• Rosemary inhibits the inflammatory response and is a rich source of antioxidants

• Hemp seeds are a good source of protein and essential fatty acids

They are all gluten free and plant based.

They were all very tasty but my favourite ones were the fennel and chia seed ones.

Have you tried any of these before?

Sarah x



  1. 11/10/2020 / 20:56

    I love the sound of Cacao & Coconut – the other combinations don’t appeal to me but that really does! x


  2. 11/10/2020 / 21:21

    Cacoa and coconut would be my first port of call, I’m not really a nut or seed person, it has to grab me to get me to try it x

  3. 11/10/2020 / 23:44

    I’m not a huge fan of seeds but these flavours are a great way of adding them to your diet as a healthy snack.

  4. Shyla Elza
    12/10/2020 / 06:25

    These seem like a lovely snack. I’ve not tried these before, but I am a fan of different kinds of seeds like sunflower and pumpkin. I think I would like to try the chia and fennel seeds you mentioned. Yum!

  5. 12/10/2020 / 14:10

    These sound delicious! While all of the options are great, I am totally drawn to the apple cinnamon. They sound SO delicious! I’ve never heard of the brand before, so I’m going to have to dig into this and figure out if they are available over here

  6. 12/10/2020 / 15:25

    I have never heard of this brand before, but I think I would love these! The cacao and coconut appeals to me the most because I love anything chocolatey, but I think I would also like the rosemary and hemp seed when I am in the mood for something savoury! Cumin and linseed sounds really unique too xx

  7. 15/10/2020 / 16:04

    These sound super healthy and yummy!


  8. Heather Nixon
    15/10/2020 / 19:29

    I’d love to try these x

  9. Alice Anne
    15/10/2020 / 21:51

    These sound yummy – always looking for snacks like this to have handy when working xx

  10. Kayleigh Zara
    16/10/2020 / 18:57

    The apple and cinnamon sound right up my street I’m not sure id like any other flavours though x

  11. 18/10/2020 / 10:41

    Ohh they sound great, love a snack that isn’t full of sugar.

  12. 20/10/2020 / 19:33

    I’m glad you liked them! I have a box of these too but haven’t tried them yet x


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