Celebrating a lockdown birthday with Moonpig

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Celebrating a birthday during lockdown is difficult and different. My husband Nick turned 30 this week and we had made so many plans to celebrate but we have had to cancel/postpone nearly all of them due to Covid and lockdown. It can be very upsetting and disappointing when you have something special like a big birthday and can’t do exactly what you want to but you have to try and make the best of the situation!

We both have had some time off work to celebrate together at home and I wanted to share with you some of the gifts I picked up from Moonpig to help cheer Nick up and make his day special.

Football scratch off poster


The 100 team poster is designed to be scratched off every time you watch a new team play. It’s fun and looks really good and a great way to discover teams and where they usually play. My husband has seen a lot of teams play so this was fun to scratch them off and hopefully one day will be able to scratch them all off!

Hogs Back Brewery Pub in a Box Gift Set


Box includes:

1 x 500ml TEA

1 x 500ml HOP

1 x 500ml RIP

1 x 500ml OTT

1 x 330ml Hogstar

1 x 330ml Little Swine

1 x 500ml Hazy Hog

1 x Hogs Back Pint glass

12 x Hogs Back Beer Mats

1 x Crisps

1 x Pork Scratchings

1 x Hogs Back Playing Cards

This is such a great idea to have a pub in a box set. With everything going on in the world right now it’s not so simple to visit a pub so why not bring it to you! This box has everything inside needed to create that pub experience, from the drinks to the snacks and your own glass and beer mat. It’s also a great way to try out different drinks in the comfort of your own home. This was a great box for Nick to enjoy over the last week!

Lindt Master Chocolatier Collection


This is the ideal gift for any chocolate lover as it’s a great selection of lindt chocolate. We shared these after dinner on Nicks birthday and it delft special as we wouldn’t usually buy a box of chocolates so it was really nice to have these. I was surprised how many you get in the box too!

Beer Hawk Happy Birthday Craft Beer Selection Box


Box includes:

1 x 330ml Magic Rock Dark Arts Can – Stout

1 x 330ml Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted Can – Pale Ale

1 x 330ml Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana Can – IPA

1 x 355ml Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale Can – Wheat

1 x 330ml Camden Hells Can – Lager

1 x Beer Hawk Aviero Tasting Glass

1 x Soffles Rosemary & Thyme Mini Pitta Chips

This is another beer selection box that Moonpig offers and contains a good mix of beers along with a glass and come snacks.

It is a nice way for Nick to try out different beers and also to be able to celebrate at home all week, he was able to try a different beer each night this week!

They also have an amazing selection of cards to pick from and you can also personalise them to include names, messages and pictures. You really can find something for everyone. You can also pick what size card you want as well and if you want it shipped direct to the recipient or if you want it sent to yourself for you to write something in.

I went for a football shirt style one and ordered it in a large size. I think it’s great that you can get them personalised and also pick the sizing. I decided not to go for a message inside so I can hand write it instead.

I am so impressed with Moonpig and the variety of gifts they have as there really is something for everyone, no matter what the occasion is!

Have you celebrated a big birthday in lockdown? What did you do?

Sarah x



  1. Alice Anne
    30/10/2020 / 11:42

    Moonpig is so brilliant for gifting – I ordered a few bits from them last christmas for family and friends xx

  2. Shyla Elza
    30/10/2020 / 14:25

    This looks like an awesome gift set to receive. I love things like this. Honestly I love getting these variety boxes of all kinds. I think my dad would really like this!

  3. 30/10/2020 / 14:59

    These are such unique gift ideas, I don’t know many football fans but the scratch off poster is a great idea! xx

  4. 31/10/2020 / 04:49

    I love the idea of the pub in a box experience. Earlier this year, my husband and I actually participated in a virtual craft beer festival where you paid and registered to have the box sent to you. Then, on a set weekend, they did live videos with the different breweries, discussing the products included in the box as if you were at the beer festival, visiting their booth. They also had some fun activities like a trivia contest. It was a great way to make the most of the current situation!
    You could probably translate that into a birthday plan too with quarantine in mind… Set up a ‘trivia night’ with friends. Have everyone log on together to compete, drink in hand.

  5. Jenny
    31/10/2020 / 07:27

    I love Moonpig for gifts. I use them probably every year! This is a great bundle for the beer and football lover!

  6. 01/11/2020 / 21:20

    We used Moonpig during lockdown. Having my birthday in lockdown was no big deal – I think people need some perspective – people are dying from Covid (and other illnesses), so reaching another birthday is a treat in itself! x


  7. 02/11/2020 / 00:01

    Oooh now the Beer Hawk gift selection is brilliant and an amazing price too!

  8. 02/11/2020 / 14:58

    These are some amazing and unique gifts. I never realised Moonpig had so much to choose from.

  9. 02/11/2020 / 17:14

    Amazing gifts! Everyone in my family has had a lockdown birthday this year thanks to Manchesters local lockdown 🙁 x

  10. 04/11/2020 / 21:35

    Moon pig have some really great gift options and I had no idea just how many.

  11. 05/11/2020 / 12:37

    Moonpig do some really cool gifts these days, they are literally my one stop shop for birthdays!


  12. 05/11/2020 / 15:37

    The pub in a box looks like such a great gift, great way to get creative with lockdown too x

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