Annoying Things About Cat Ownership That Can Put You Off Adopting One

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Cats may look innocent and adorable, but they can also be some of the feistiest and messy pets to own as well. Depending on the breed of cat and their personality, you might find yourself faced with an annoying feline that you can’t help but love. While they can be therapeutic and make you smile for hours, they can also make your blood boil when they do something annoying such as throwing their litter around. So before you consider adopting a pet, here are a couple of the most annoying things that you’ll just have to put up with.

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Cats will trip you up on a regular basis

It should come as no surprise that cats can be a tripping hazard Sometimes, you’ll find your cat sitting in the hallway doing nothing but blocking your way. You might also find them bolting across the room across your feet for no apparent reason. This kind of behaviour can often shock cat owners and might even cause them to trip because they don’t want to step on their cat. In some cases, cats might leave the toys you bought them laying around the room, or they might drag things around such as bags and shoes. This doesn’t happen with all cats, but if you have an adventurous and playful cat, it’s surprisingly common to treat them as a tripping hazard.

Cats loves to stare outside windows

If you live in an apartment then it can be scary seeing your cat peering out the window. Cats love to sit and watch things happening outside, but you need to be careful that they don’t accidentally fall out and injure themselves. Yes, they have great survival instincts, but that’s not going to stop them from accidentally sleeping and falling. While they can certainly land on their feet, it’s still going to hurt them and they’ll end up in a lot of pain. For this, it’s important to have safety measures to stop cats getting out of a window. This is a small improvement that can offer you a lot of peace of mind. If you’re going to adopt a cat, you should be prepared to make small adjustments to your home for their safety.

Cats are really bossy

Cats can be really loving and cute, but they can also be bossy at a moment’s notice. There are times when it can be fun to watch your cat attempt to take charge, but it can also be really frustrating to see your cat whine or treat you like you’re the pet. This can usually happen with older cats that haven’t been trained or haven’t spent much time around you. If you’re firm when you train your cat, this is far less likely to happen.

Cats love to follow you everywhere

While it can be endearing to see your cat follow you everywhere, it can get fairly annoying when they stick to you like glue. You might find yourself struggling to get any privacy with your partner, they might follow you into the bathroom as you go to the toilet, and they might whine and cry when you’re about to leave the house. Dealing with a needy cat is possible, but it’s a lot more involved and time-consuming than you may think.

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  1. 24/09/2020 / 15:37

    I adore my cats but around 3 weeks ago, I tripped over one and to steady myself put my full force on a boiling hob and badly burnt my fingers! I screamed, he flicked his tall and walked away! Brat! x

  2. loverosiee1
    24/09/2020 / 15:59

    I am not really an animal person but my sister is cat obsessed!

  3. Alice Anne
    25/09/2020 / 08:49

    Oh I love a needy cat! They’re super cute xx

  4. 25/09/2020 / 14:31

    This was really interesting to read. I’ve never owned a cat but our neighbours cat did adopt us and used to whine if we didn’t give her enough attention.

  5. 27/09/2020 / 17:53

    I don’t have any pets but I would love one, I think the benefits would outweigh the negatives x

  6. 28/09/2020 / 08:38

    I’ve never had a cat and I’m not sure I ever would as I’m a dog person. But these are good things to consider!

  7. 28/09/2020 / 15:40

    I’ve never had a cat and probably wouldn’t either, definitely a dog person.

  8. 30/09/2020 / 14:02

    Haha my dog does all of these things as well!

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