Hydrosil – Turmeric butter and hypoallergenic milk salve

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I have tried a few things from Hydrosil before and been very impressed. Their products are designed for people with sensitive and dry skin and are suitable to be used on a variety of skin conditions. As I have sensitive skin and I am prone to small patches of dermatitis I am always careful about what products I use on my body.

I have been trying the turmeric butter and hypoallergenic milk salve which is safe to use as a daily treatment for dry or damaged skin. It helps to repair your skin as well as creating a barrier to protect your skin.

The two main ingredients are:

“Turmeric Butter

Turmeric Butter incorporates the potent actives from the ancient spice Turmeric.

It was used historically in both Egyptian and Indian cultures for use on inflammatory and dry skin conditions.

Turmeric is blended in a 100% organic butter base made from a natural essential oil from German chamomile (Matricaria recutita). This specially blended spice butter delivers superior fast-acting moisturization, skin barrier function and antioxidant benefits to dry, damaged and irritated skin.

Donkey milk

Donkey milk is the most hypoallergenic milk out of all milks and the one closest to human breast milk in its composition.

Donkey milk is high in amino acids and antimicrobial proteins, making it highly beneficial to dry skin conditions such as eczema.

Aside from Cleopatra’s routine daily bathing in donkey milk to stave off dryness and keep her skin soft, in Egyptian times donkey milk was used as both an ointment and drunk to help heal reactive skin conditions including eczema.

It has historically and in modern day been given to babies and children with allergies. The vitamin C content in donkey milk is almost four times more of cow’s milk. Donkey milk also contains more lactoferrin and lysozyme than cow’s milk. For this reason, it can help skin prone to eczema and helps calm skin irritation. “- hydrosil.co.uk

I have found using this salve on any dry patches on my legs has really helped and it soaks in well, not leaving you sticky or greasy. You only need a small amount and I had been using it once a day before bed and it seems to do the trick!

Sarah x



  1. 17/08/2020 / 21:58

    It sounds like we have similar skin types so I’m glad you’ve been enjoying this. I’ve heard a lot of great things about turmeric in skincare x

  2. 18/08/2020 / 14:40

    I’ve never heard of a product with donkey milk in it, but I have heard about the Egyptians bathing in it! That’s so cool.

  3. 20/08/2020 / 11:12

    I’m vegan so it’s not for me but I’m glad it has helped you x

  4. 25/08/2020 / 09:30

    I’ve not heard of this but my combination skin could use anything to make me look revitalised!

  5. 25/08/2020 / 16:20

    I’ve never heard of this product before but it sounds great. I love products that soak into your skin quickly because I’ve never got the time to wait.

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