The 5 Accessories Every Woman Should Have

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The right accessories don’t just enhance an outfit; they complete it. What’s more, the best accessories will add functionality to your ensemble, as well as style. If you want to look the part this season, check out the accessories every woman should have:

A hat

The right hat is an effortlessly chic fashion staple and it elevates your outfit for any occasion. Whether you’re reclining on the beach or heading to a society wedding, you’ll want a hat to complete your look. Of course, headwear doesn’t just enhance your style; it provides some much-needed sun protection in Spring and Summer too. When you’re heading out for an all-day soiree or even having an alfresco brunch, a hat is the perfect way to ooze style and keep your skin safe.  For added protection and style, grab one of those sunnies that are on special deals from the Humps Optics.

Phone case

If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to take with you where you go, it’s your phone. That’s why mobile phone cases are today’s must-have accessory. If you don’t want your new smartphone to slip through your fingers or succumb to water damage when you’re at the bar, a phone case is essential. However, you don’t have to settle for a boring, lacklustre design. With a wide range of premium cases, you can match your phone to your purse, handbag or outfit and be rock a perfectly styled look wherever you go. 

Everyday bag

When you’re out shopping, popping out for lunch or simply running errands, you’ll need an everyday bag that’s capable of keeping your essentials safe. While you won’t have to look far to find one, it might take you a little longer to find the perfect everyday bag. Before you buy, think about your lifestyle and what you really need from your everyday accessories. If you carry a laptop or tablet everywhere you go, you may want to choose an everyday bag with a hidden partition to keep your electronics safe, for example. 

A watch

Sure, your phone will tell you the time but it’s never as discreet as glancing at your watch. Choose the right one, and you won’t be the only one who can’t take your eyes off your timepiece. Whether you’re showcasing the latest gadgets with a smartwatch or you’re exuding a classic style, a watch can make or break an outfit. Teamed with cuffs, bangles or bracelets, or worn alone, the sheer number of styles makes it easy to find a watch that’s perfectly suited to you. 

Flat shoes

You never know when you’re going to need a pair of flat shoes, so it always pays to keep some handy. Slip a pair of pumps into your bag or leave a pair of crisp, white trainers in your car and you’ll never spend too long in heels again. Flat shoes can be worn with anything, from leggings and jeans to dresses and skirts. With a versatile shoe, you can complete any outfit and turn a day ensemble into the perfect look for dinner and drinks. 

Finding the Right Accessories

Experimenting with trends is always fun and can be a great way to add something new to your wardrobe. When you find something that works for you, however, be sure to make the most of it. By varying the shade and material of a classic piece, you can update your accessories and really make the most of a look that showcases your inner style. 

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  1. 07/07/2020 / 13:59

    I definitely agree with a good everyday bag and a phone case! x

  2. 13/07/2020 / 16:27

    This is a great list. I’m still trying to find an affordable hat that looks nice on me.

  3. 15/07/2020 / 10:44

    Pretty sure I have everything but a good hat, I don’t really have the head for them and it’s such a shame as they can make the prettiest accessories with some outfits. I never used to wear a watch but I couldn’t be without mine now x


  4. 06/08/2020 / 17:45

    I love buying accessories, but I don’t have any hats cause I have a huge head hahaha! I need a new phone case soon though!

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