Have you been wearing a face mask in public?

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In the UK it has been optional to wear a mask in public for the last couple of weeks but it is now going to be compulsory when entering a shop to cover your nose and mouth. There are so many different masks options it can be hard to know what one to get. I have been trying out a variety of styles and designs from www.printedmasks.co.uk and wanted to share my thoughts with you.
They have a large range of different style: 1ply, 2ply and snoods and have a lot of different designs within each style. The ones I have been trying are:
Tiger – 1 ply
Zip – 1 ply
Pink Leopard – 2 ply
Black – 2 ply
Skulls and roses – Snood
The main difference between the 3 options is that the 1 ply masks are made from one piece of material, these have two ear holes either side so you can adjust it depending on the size of your face. The 2 ply are made from two seperate pieces of material, with a pocket so you can add a filter if you wanted and these have elastic that goes around your head so don’t put so much strain on your ears. The snoods are like a tubular scarf that can then be pulled up when needed and this is really comfortable.
My favourite are the two ply masks as I like the way the straps are and like that you then have the option to put a filter in.
What type of mask have you been wearing?
Sarah x


  1. 22/07/2020 / 09:15

    Great that there are so many different options for personal preference!

  2. loverosiee1
    22/07/2020 / 12:19

    So good that you’re showing all of the different options!

  3. 22/07/2020 / 16:48

    These are some great options. I’ve been wearing one I bought on Etsy a few months ago.

  4. Heather Nixon
    22/07/2020 / 19:24

    We just have plain fabric masks – I want to get a cute patterned one x

  5. 23/07/2020 / 12:41

    I love that they come in so many different styles to add a bit of personality. Unfortunately I can’t wear a mask so it looks like I’m going to be stuck at home for the foreseeable x


  6. 06/08/2020 / 20:02

    I like the look of these, they definitely have a lot of personality to them! I’ve just been using a boring plain one but it’s been the most comfortable I can find.

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