Bluesky gel nail polish

AD – This post contains gifted products

I have been doing my own gel nails on and off for the last 6/7 years and when I first started doing them my mum had bought me a whole kit with various colours but as the years past but I slowly tried different brand and different colours. I had tried Bluesky colour changing polish before but not their standard colours.

Diva world are the UKs number 1 distributor for Bluesky gel polishes.

I wanted to share with you my views on the latest summer 2020 collection they have just released:

Shake it

Beach party

Water games

Peanut ice cream


Pink martini

Gel polishes are easy to use once you have a lamp and a base coat/top coat so if you purchased a kit you can then easily purchase extra colours.

I love the pastel shades in this range as usually I go for darker shades or glittery these are really nice. Especially for summer. I like to sometimes do my nails all different colours anyway so I gave them all a go at once. I think for under £7 each they are really well priced and applied properly can last up to two weeks!

The polishes were easy to apply and I used two coats like I would with any gel and think it gave really good coverage. I also like the on the lid you can see what the shade is and it is true to colour. A lot of gels polishes are in a dark bottle with just a name so it is super helpful to see the shades!

I’m aware i’m not the neatest nail painter but any odd bits around the nails will come off when I wash my hands and I also have a few messy cuticles as I always catch them and no idea how or why?! For an at home gel attempt I am really pleased how my nails turned out!

My favourite has to be water games as it is a stunning shade of blue and really stands out.

What’s your favourite shade?

Sarah x



  1. 21/07/2020 / 10:46

    These are reallt pretty. I love that blue shade.

  2. loverosiee1
    22/07/2020 / 12:12

    Love those colours, really diverse for all seasons!

  3. Heather Nixon
    22/07/2020 / 19:18

    So colourful! I love that pink shade x

  4. 23/07/2020 / 12:43

    These colours are really pretty, I love the packaging too x


  5. 06/08/2020 / 16:25

    Gorgeous colours, and I totally agree about being able to see the colours on the lids! I’ve not used gel nail polish before, these look fab.

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