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AD – This post contains gifted products

If you read my posts regularly you would have seen me mention Femmeluxe a few times before and I have recently picked out some really great co ord sets as well as tracksuit bottoms, tshirts and jeans. I wanted to pick out a few more loungewear/comfortable clothes to wear around the house. They always have so many great things to pick from!

Black ‘BO$$Y’ Oversized T-Shirt – Ellis

L (12/14) / Black


I already had this t shirt in pink and my dad said I should get it in a different colour as he has always said I am bossy! I like the font used on the t shirt and the fact its oversized is perfect for me as I always prefer larger t shirts as these are ideal this time of year to wear with cycling shorts or jeans. The material is so soft and washes well. I love their slogan t shirts.

Grey V-Neck Boxy Loungewear Set – Estelle

M/L (12/14) / Grey


I find all of their lounge wear sets are super comfy. The material is quite thick for a lounge wear set and I love anything grey. The trousers fit perfectly and I love having a top to go with it. Ideal for wearing around the house or to work or going out. I quite like the V neck on this set as most of my clothes are round neck.

I think to get two items of clothing for this price is so good. You can either wear them together or wear them with anything else really. The trousers would look good with any hoodie/jumper or top really, they don’t necessarily have to be worn as the set.

Black Rib Two Piece Loungewear Set – Aloranna

M/L (12/14) / Black


The delivery is always really quick which is great, as I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up! The prices are always really reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. I am always skeptical about ordering clothes online as you can’t feel them to know the quality but these are so good and for the quality I would have expected them to be more expensive!

Sarah x



  1. 13/07/2020 / 19:09

    These look so comfortable yet stylish too

  2. 14/07/2020 / 10:29

    Love them, especially the oversized shirts, I live in them :O thanks for sharing x

  3. 14/07/2020 / 13:32

    I love loungewear, I don’t want to go back to normal clothes!

  4. 14/07/2020 / 13:38

    I’ve loved all of the items I’ve tried from FemmeLuxe x

  5. 15/07/2020 / 10:38

    I love the ribbed lounge set, it looks so cosy x


  6. 06/08/2020 / 17:29

    I love the look of both the loungewear sets, the ribbed one looks great for getting cosy in!

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