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What is an electrical wax burner?

An electrical wax burner is a device designed to heat up wax melts. A more traditional wax burner is made of ceramic and is required a tea light to heat up the wax. People are often restricted from using normal wax burners or scented candles in their homes due to the presence of children. Using an electrical wax melt burner is the perfect alternative as there is no open flame. Be sure to place it somewhere secure and safe.

Why use wax melts

Using wax melts in your home provides a natural aromatic smell into your living space, it can completely change the atmosphere and brings a more relaxing vibe. Using wax melts is a great alternative to the use of household chemicals, they are also great for getting rid of the odor in your home.

People that practice yoga or meditation will often use wax melts to help them relax, and it is a great alternative to the use of incense sticks. Especially if you are struggling with asthma.

Why use wax melts to scented candles?

Most normal scented candles contain paraffin which is a concentrate of petroleum, some people that have health problems paraffin can cause harm, especially for people struggling with asthma. Using wax melts is a great alternative to avoid the presence of paraffin.

As wax melts are heated and not burnt, the aroma will last as up to twice as long that of a scented candle. You will save money in the long run by switching over to using wax melts. Using is electric wax melt burner is a much safer option than using scented candles, and these aroma lamps look stunning when lit.

Using soy wax melt

Soy wax melt is wax made from soybeans oils, it is a much more natural product that provides a cleaner aroma. Using wax melt made from soya is much more eco-friendly, it also has a lower melting point than normal wax which requires less heat to melt it. Be sure to choose soy wax that been scented with essential oils rather than chemical perfumed ones.

If you are looking for all you need to get started using wax melts be sure to check out this website.

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  1. 30/05/2020 / 17:43

    I love a good wax burner, I have so many waxes and only one little burner so I need to invest in some more around my house! These sounds great!

  2. 30/05/2020 / 20:48

    I’ve never heard of wax melts but they sound great. Love that they last longer than regular candles!

  3. 31/05/2020 / 17:56

    I have a tea light burner and I love using it x

  4. Jenny
    02/06/2020 / 08:42

    I didn’t know scented candles could trigger asthma! x

  5. 05/06/2020 / 18:03

    I’m a big fan of wax melts, they feel a bit safer than normal candles (especially the electric warmers). And there are so many good scent options!

  6. 06/06/2020 / 21:06

    I’ve never seen electric wax melts before, they sound really interesting. x


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