The Best Ways to Deal With Dog Hair

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It seems that everywhere you look these days, there are people raving about dogs. You can hardly blame them; dogs are cute, they’re friendly, and they’re a perfect companion that has been proven to improve their owners’ mental health. You’ve probably considered getting a dog yourself – there’s just one major drawback. The hair. If the only problem holding you back from having your own gorgeous pet dog is the worry that your home will be overrun with unpleasant smells and piles of dog hair all over the couch, read on. Here are some great tips to dogproof your home so you can enjoy a furry companion without worrying about the domestic consequences!

Choose Your Species

The first and easiest way you can avoid getting dog hair everywhere is by choosing the species of dog you want to own very carefully. If hair and cleanliness is a big issue for you, then you won’t want a species with long hair that is going to moult in the summer – so steer away from sheepdogs, Newfoundlands and terriers! You can find lots of advice online, but some dogs that don’t moult as much include poodles, dalmations, greyhounds and bulldogs. A great side effect is that these dogs also tend to by hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions to dog hair either!

Get A Good Hoover

Of course, there will always be some inevitable dog hair, and this is where you’ll want a high-quality hoover. This will make your life so much easier if you can quickly suck away any stray hairs. Electrolux is a great brand for cordless vacuums (which are particularly convenient here) and you can even get electrolux cordless vacuum repair parts easily online, so you’ll never be stuck in the lurch if your vacuum gets broken or clogged up.

Invest in Training

One easy solution to dog hairs on the sofa is to not allow them to get on the sofa! If you do get a dog, training it thoroughly is a must. Puppy school is a great way to do this if you don’t have time, and you can ensure your dog knows exactly what areas are off-limits, for example, sofas, beds and kitchen tables. If your dog has a dedicated doggy-bed to sleep in, this will help lower the spread of dog hairs across your house and mean you have a much smaller area to hoover.

Dedicated Grooming

If you have your heart set on a long-haired dog such as a husky, a terrier, or even a Bernese mountain dog, don’t despair. You can still solve the problems of moulting easily by creating a regular grooming schedule for your dog. By using a towel and brushing your dog over the towel, you’ll collect a lot of the hair that might have naturally fallen out all over your house – plus it’s a great bonding routine, and your dog will absolutely love all the attention. If you can’t manage this, there are a host of doggy salons that have sprung up which will help keep your dog nicely in trim, and help to lessen the amount of hair around your home.

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  1. 22/05/2020 / 03:31

    A good vacuum has been a lifesaver for us! We have a cordless Dyson and it makes all the difference.

  2. Jenny
    22/05/2020 / 08:50

    My dog doesn’t moult thank god!

  3. Heather Nixon
    22/05/2020 / 16:58

    I’m so jealous of everyone who has a dog right now even if they can be hard work x

  4. 24/05/2020 / 02:12

    My dog is a shih tzu/ Yorkie cross and he doesn’t shed at all and I’m so thankful. He spends half of this days sat on my knee so I’d be a mess most of the time if he did x


  5. 24/05/2020 / 14:15

    Great tips, I’m sending this link to my sister who has a little dog!

  6. 24/05/2020 / 20:56

    I’d love to get a dog one day. At the moment I have a cat and although she moults in summer, I don’t really mind her fur too much! A good vacuum is a godsend! x

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