3 Ways Of Increasing Commercial Building Safety

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Your professional premises is a statement about who you are, and the things you stand for. Among other things, it’s a symbol of hope for your customers and employees. For the latter, it’s a physical part of their lives. They interact with it every day and to them, it could act as a second home. All the more reason then, to make sure it’s secure in every way imaginable. Keeping intruders out, the elements from deteriorating the safety of the structure and stopping harmful practices from within, are all challenging. Here are some steps you can take today, to improve the working lives of all your employees.

A risk assessment

The risk department or a risk analyst can create a report that highlights the weaknesses of your commercial building. Everything from outdated locks, to poor employee data protection practices, the report will explore. This is very useful for business owners because things they had never thought of, will be brought to their attention. It’s also a very low-cost report because it’s localized and unique to you. Unlike market risk reports that encompass so many things, a risk report for your commercial workspace is simpler and cheaper. You’ll be given a list of recommendations, where you can make improvements and this could be done over a few years, in a phased plan.

The elemental dangers

Over time, the rain and wind will play a double-teaming act on your premises. Anything that is manmade will eventually deteriorate and become obsolete. Buildings are no exception as weather erosion will make your roof unsafe. It can lead to tiles and shingles becoming loose and become drop hazards. It can lead to bits of concrete breaking off and potentially hurting someone very badly. With AAC Waterproofing, your roof is given a makeover that will increase its lifespan and lessen any physical dangers it poses. An expert team arrives on the scene, they speak with you and your team and then perform an assessment. They will then show you their plan and show you the materials they will use. Agree on a price and work can begin immediately. Using designs and materials that mitigate the effects of standing water and debris amalgamation, you add many years to your roof.

Securing the perimeter

Installing a fence around your property is a very basic yet very effective space control. Whether it’s just around your building or encompassing your car park area for employees, a metal mesh fence will add a layer of safety. You can also hire a professional security guard service, who will patrol the area on foot, with torches and preventative equipment such as tasers and mace. Adding CCTV cameras to your premises makes their life easier but also captures burglars on film to later pass onto police. Motion sensor lights placed strategically around your building would make thieves and attackers think twice. Locks with magnetic coding systems will also prevent lockpicks from entering your workspace.

These measures will make your workers feel a lot safer and add additional years to the life of your building. A risk assessment report, is one of the first things you should do, to get the ball rolling. 

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    Safety is definitely so important in all aspects x

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    Great points here, commercial safety is so important x

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    Definitely some very important points here, and lots of good tips for keeping your building safe.

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    Great information here, safety is so important x

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