Trying out a new sunscreen

The last few weeks we have had some quite nice weather in the UK and being on lockdown and not being blue to leave the house meant I was at home and in the garden a lot more than I usually would be! I have always struggled with the sun in the past as I get a really bad heat rash and so have been allergic to a lot of sun creams in the past but if I am in the sun for longer than half an hour then I try to either be covered up or try to put on sunscreen.

I have tried a lot of creams in the past but they have always been so thick and greasy and clog your skin which really doesn’t help with heat rashes! The Altruist range is designed specifically by dermatologists to be kind to your skin and to be used on sensitive skin.

Some really great points about this sunscreen are:

– Fragrance free

– No white marks

– Non sticky

– Affordable (SPF 50 is £8 for two x 100ml tubes and SPF 30 is £8.75 for two x 200ml tubes) and can be purchased on Amazon

– Hypoallergenic

Often sunscreen for sensitive skin or specialist creams are super expensive but this range is a great price considering.

I have been using the 30 on my body and the 50 on my face and it is really easy to apply and it feels like you are just applying a normal cream rather than a sun cream as it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave you with a white film. I always try to use SPF on y face if going outside as I use a retinol from the doctors for my acne it is important I don’t expose my face to the sun rays as it can make my skin very sore. I think SPF 50 is great for your face but I usually use a specific facial one but with this range you can use it on your body or face as it’s so gentle to the skin.

I have been really impressed with this sunscreen and would be interested to see how it performs next time I go abroad and see if I still get a heat rash!

Sarah x

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  1. Rosie Ireland
    18/04/2020 / 17:28

    This sounds really good! Skincare and sunscreen go hand in hand!

  2. 07/05/2020 / 22:38

    I also use a retinol (just cause I’m old haha) so I love trying new facial sunscreens. This sounds like it’d be a great option!

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