I always love trying out different serums and creams. Skinchemists have always impressed me with their products and I have have been trying out the following two products for the last couple of weeks

Pure Caffeine Biphase Serum

Caffeine is appearing in a lot of skincare nowadays as it is really good for your skin. It helps the product get dropper into your skin and this serum helps your skin look more soft and supple as well as improving the circulation. As it’s a serum it can be used a long side a cream and so have been using it every other night along with the night cream mentioned below. It’s easy to apply and you only need a small amount. It leaves your skin looking and feeling really soft!

Anti-Ageing Caviar Night Moisturiser

I have previously tried some of the other products from this range and have been really impressed so was excited to give the night cream a go. First off, I love the packaging! It is so simple yet looks so posh and stylish. At 31 it’s important that I start to use some anti ageing products in my skincare routine.

I much prefer using moisturisers at night rather than during the day, although I do use a light one sometimes in the mornings if I need to, I tend to pay a lot more attention to my nighttime skincare and use the opportunity to use a heavier cream.

It helps to nourish your skin and soaks in quite quickly. My skin does look more radiant the next morning and I alternative between this and my acne cream from my doctor every other night. I am quite impressed with this range and would recommend it.

Sarah x

*This post contains gifted items*



  1. 03/03/2020 / 20:23

    These look amazing! I’ve never really tried caffeine in skincare but I’ve heard it’s really great for brightening up the skin so I’d definitely try these. I also love the packaging, SO unique!

  2. 03/03/2020 / 21:48

    Cool looking products! I am digging the packaging. I think anti-aging is extremely important to include in our routines. I’ve never heard of skinChemists, but that kind of makes sense as it seems like a product from London. I’m glad they’ve worked out for you! I’d be interested in trying it if I happen to come across it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts doll!

    Des |

  3. 07/03/2020 / 20:18

    I love SkinChemists as a skincare brand – they are always bang on with what my skin needs!

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