Reco Toothtabs

Nick and I recently stayed away for a couple of nights and one of the worst things about going away is having to sort out toiletries to pack! It is always so hard to judge how much shampoo and toothpaste you are going to need. I had recently come across toothtabs which are great if you are trying to be more eco friendly and trying not to buy so much plastic. I thought these would be super handy to take with us rather than our usual massive tube of toothpaste. They are so easy to use and I could count out how many we would need and just take those with us. They are so small they hardly take up any room in your bag.

To use them, you simply chew them so they crumble and turn into a paste in your mouth and then you use your toothbrush as normal to brush your teeth.

You can get a 31 day trial pack for only £3 and free delivery.

Have you every tried these?

Sarah x

*This post contains gifted items*



  1. 02/03/2020 / 17:50

    I’ve always wondered about these. I’m skeptical to try new things without some solid information and reviews. Nice add!

  2. 02/03/2020 / 19:20

    How handy are these?! Wow!

    And they’re so cheap!! Perfect to take with you on your travels!

    Love Lozza xo

  3. 03/03/2020 / 17:32

    I’ve tried the Lush version of these and they are so handy, especially if you’re going on a plane at all! Plus no risk of toothpaste exploding all over your clothes haha.

  4. 07/03/2020 / 19:57

    These sound really interesting, I’ve never heard of them before!

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