Planning A Getaway Without Leaving Home

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It’s no secret that everyone loves taking a holiday, but going abroad every year can drain your bank account too quickly, and it’s no fun living paycheck to paycheck. Besides this, there’s also the environmental impact that long and often dull air travel can cause. When you think about it, holidays can often be a lot of stress for just a few weeks and a lot of money.

But this doesn’t mean you should abandon your jollies altogether; everyone needs a break, after all. Rather than jet-set halfway around the world, though, consider looking a little closer to home. In fact, consider looking at the potential all around where you live. 

Hiking and Camping

Hiking and camping are always fun, but it puts too many people off because of the chance of rain, of cold, of sleeping rough. But anyone with a passion for camping will tell you this is part of the fun. 

There are plenty of campsites all over the UK, and it’s inevitable there is one close by that you can visit. Staying overnight at a campsite isn’t expensive, and even if you stay longer, you’ll still not need to pinch pennies when you’re home. 

The variety of wildlife and scenery all over the country make camping and hiking worth it, while the fresh air and exercise is something we should all get more of. 

All the Tourist-y Stuff

People always say you should try being a tourist in your own city, and while this might seem odd to some, the people saying it have a point. 

The longer you live in a city, the more you become part of it. You know the best places to go, you understand the quirks of crossing the street outside the shopping centre (and ignoring the Green Man in the process). This makes you feel like you’ve integrated, but it also takes away a lot of the mystique. 

To get some of this mystique back, book a hotel room and live like a tourist for a weekend. See all the tacky sights that you typically avoid and have an experience that everyone else visiting does. 

Tap Days and Beyond

Tap Rooms are becoming ever popular amongst the craft beer aficionados, and visiting one is a fantastic way to get everyone together and spend an afternoon. You can search for local breweries in your area, book a table, and drink the day away.

Not only is it a good day out where everyone loosens up, but it’s also a change of scenery from your typical pub-and-club nights you’re used to, without any need to leave the city. When it closes, you know the area, you’re close by, so get a taxi home and enjoy the comfort of your own bed, rather than a lumpy hotel bed or stuffy dorm you might get on the other side of the world. 

Rediscovering Your Home 

It’s easy to see your hometown or city as just a home. However, treating it like a place where you can take a holiday will give you a new love for it. There is so much to do back at home; all you’ve got to do is look a little harder for it. 

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  1. 29/03/2020 / 13:16

    Is it weird that I’m tempted to put up camp in my garden for a bit of change of scenery?

  2. 07/05/2020 / 14:37

    I love staycations, exploring my own country is so fun. I love camping and can’t wait to do it again soon!

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