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Recently, I was concentrating so much on trying to heal my acne scars and keeping any active acne under control and being strict with my skincare that I actually forgot how important it was to think about what makeup you are using on your face. I was using a concealer that had been open for ages and was very thick and more than likely making my skin worse by clogging my pores. The last couple of weeks I have moved on to using these two products and have been getting on really well.

Both of these products are vegan and cruelty free.

Skin Shop – Kalme chameleon concealer

This concealer contains SPF20 which is great as it is important to use sun protection on your face. When you first pump it out it is a green colour but as you apply it to your face and blend it in then it magically covers any redness on your face and matches your skin tone. I always like trying out different things like this and I am really impressed with the coverage and it is pretty cool being green 🙂

Skin Shop – Clarol conceal and shield

This concealer comes in a range of colors, I went for the light shade. I like that it has the pen tip so you can just pump out whatever amount you need. Whilst covering your blemishes it also protects them from any bacteria and provides the skin with prebiotics. Usually with make up, you can be in a constant circle as you try to hide a spot and end up making it worse but by using make up specific to help with the blemishes you can actually help repair the skin whilst wearing make up.

I have been really impressed with both of these!

Sarah x

*This post contains gifted items*



  1. 17/02/2020 / 20:31

    You do not know how much I need some skin correction in liquid form right now – I am the blemish queen!

  2. Ellie
    19/02/2020 / 07:44

    Wow they sound great! Thanks for sharing x

  3. 03/03/2020 / 05:58

    I haven’t heard of the brand but these sound great. I have quite a lot of redness so the chameleon concealer really appeals to me.

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