Is This Year The Year You’ll Get Your Summer Body?

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Most people set themselves goals in life and have things that they want to achieve by a certain time. For most of us, one of those goals comes and goes every year and we never really get round to achieving them. The summer body goal is the one that we have in mind. Pretty much everyone goes on one holiday a year, and it’s usually to some beach resort to soak up some sun and forget about the troubles of the world. But we don’t always feel confident going out there and getting out bodies into a bikini. Body confidence is such a hard thing to master, and because of social media and the other pressures in life, it can seem like we’re never going to get the body that’s as perfect as the ones we’re seeing on the internet. Yet we dream of this summer body every single year, and might even put some effort into achieving it, but only for the month leading up to the date of the holiday. So, we’re going to show you how this year can be the year of getting your summer body because you have to start now! Dig deep and find that determination, and follow the tips we have in this article.

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Gym Balance

The mistake people make is failing to be consistent with the gym and fitness, and getting the balance wrong. We would highly recommend getting into the gym if you do want to get the body of your dreams. But rather than spending 10 minutes on the treadmill and sneaking out hoping that nobody saw you leave so quickly, do a mixture of cardio and weights. A nice incline walk for around 15 minutes will burn around 120 calories, and get the blood pumping. If you’ve taken a pre workout supplement this should feel like nothing to you. You can then go onto weights to tone your body up, as well as burn those calories. Experts say that the perfect mix in the gym is to do weights and cardio. There are apps you can download that will give you a structured gym routine to follow.


Consistency is key if you want to get the body that you want. As we said, most people decide to get off the sofa and do something with just a few weeks to go until the holiday. Que a terrible diet full of minimal calories. The way to do it is to be consistent from now until the summer. Make sure that you’re doing the same thing week in, week out, and we promise you’ll get some of the results that you want to. They say that it takes around six weeks to get into a new health and fitness routine if you don’t already have one. That sounds like a lot, but what are six weeks of keeping your head down and sticking to a healthy eating routine? Even if that routine means you keep the weekend as cheat days and have a few bad meals to keep that balance. After the first two weeks, you’ll notice a minor weight loss and improvements to your mentality. After the six weeks, you should be fully engrossed and committed to what you’re doing. Those six weeks are a small price to pay for the summer body that you want.

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  1. Ellie
    07/02/2020 / 07:09

    Agreed! Consistency is definitely key!

  2. 03/03/2020 / 05:49

    Consistency is definitely key to most things, exercise included!

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