Top Gifts To Keep You Toasty This Winter

Christmas always offers those romantic images of snow falling and log fires roaring. But in reality, so far this winter we’ve seen a fair amount of wind and rain. However, not to put a dampener on things, the festive season is the perfect time to think about getting those all-important gifts for loved ones that they can enjoy this winter. There’s nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a good Christmas film, so what can you buy this year that will keep you warm and toasty way into the new year. 

Take a look at these top gifts for all ages during the festive season.


Hot water bottle 

The trusty hot water bottle is the perfect gift for winter. It’s not only ideal for keeping your bed nice and warm when you get in, but it can also help give you comfort when you’re feeling poorly. There are so many different designs available, and many come with snuggly covers from teddy bears to fleece styles. You could also opt for a luxury choice from The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company to match your bedroom decor. 

Fluffy socks 

Socks are always a bit of a jokey present, and the guys always end up with the funny ones that they’ll probably never wear. However, to make this present something that they won’t want to take off, opt for fluffy slipper-like socks that are perfect for winter. There are plenty of options including socks with grippy soles and little booty style options which are ideal with winter pyjamas. This type of sock is also suitable for people of any age, and the kids are sure to love the character inspired designs and cosy accessories. 

Hand warmers

If you know someone at work that’s always cold, why not buy them some hand warmers for secret Santa. Hand warmers come in a variety of designs, including air-activated heat packs, reusable warmers, and heated gloves. Your buddy can never complain about having ice cold hands at their desk again with these handy pocket-sized warmers.   

Dressing gown or robe

Alongside the feeling of putting on your pyjamas, slipping on a snuggly dressing gown is the next best thing. The variety of plush fabrics and cosy designs means you can wrap up warm in front of the TV, and you won’t be embarrassed about answering the door in it. Some robes have hoods too for extra warmth. Plus, if you want to cover your legs, why not opt for a onesie instead.

Blanket scarf

Scarves are another great thing about winter. But if you are looking an accessory that’s is super versatile then opt for a blanket scarf. These are larger than a traditional scarf and simply put can be used as a blanket too. They provide the ultimate snug feeling when you’re wrapped up and look cute with a hat and matching gloves. 

There are still a few more months left of winter yet, so why not pick some of these classics to keep everyone warm and toasty over the winter season. 

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  1. 19/12/2019 / 13:25

    I haven’t worn a pair of socks in about 30 yrs! I hate having anything on my feet lol. I do love hot water bottles though, so good to soothe pain or just to keep warm. 😀

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