Displaying Your Character With The Suspenders You Wear

Men’s suspenders are said to have been invented in 1822 by a gentleman named Albert Thurston. Although initially invented as a way to keep trousers up, they have evolved over the years and although they still meet their intended original purpose, they are now commonly worn as a fashion accessory. If you read the show biz news online or in the glossy magazines, you will see a plethora of fashion-conscious celebrities and even Hollywood A-listers sport suspenders of one style or another. The very popular TV show Peaky Blinders has further pushed men’s suspenders into the spotlight and firmly placed them on the musthave accessory list of many men.

The type of suspenders a man chooses to wear – from loud colours to business or formal wear – can say a lot about his character. It should be noted that the term ‘suspenders’ does not refer to the UK’s definition of the word, which is a belt used to hold ladies’ stockings up, but in US English usage that refers to the item used to help keep men’s trousers up! If you’re interested in finding out what vintage suspenders say about your character or what casual suspenders say about you, please read on.

Men’s Suspenders Paired With Casual Attire

When it comes to the range of suspenders that can be worn with casual attire, the choices are almost endless. From loud colours to pin-striped to polka dot creations, the suspenders you choose to wear speaks volumes about your character. Brightly coloured suspenders portray the wearer as a fun-loving person who is also eccentric or even artistic, but one thing is certain, no one will think you are an introvert! Brightly coloured suspenders perfectly complement dark casual attire but if you choose this fun-loving option, you will probably have your own bespoke sense of style to draw upon.

Wearing Suspenders For A Formal Look

If paired with the correct lines of formal clothing, dark suspenders can really finish the look. From job interviews to board meetings and everything in-between, you are sure to make an impression. People notice the fine details and, if worn correctly, men’s braces can add the all-important finishing touch to the formal attire you have carefully selected. This look suggests you are a person to be taken seriously and that you are a person who pays attention to the smallest of details. If it’s a good enough look for James Bond 007, it’s a good enough look for you!