Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden

Wildlife is a beautiful thing. We’re surrounded by birds, insects, small mammals and other animals all the time, but we rarely notice them. Attracting more wildlife, such as birds, butterflies, hedgehogs and frogs, to your garden gives them a haven, and somewhere to enjoy. But, it also gives you a chance to enjoy wildlife, to learn more about your local environment, and to increase the appeal of your outdoor space. Being around wildlife can help you to feel more relaxed and peaceful and boost your creativity. But, how do you do it?

Add A Pond

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There are so many advantages to adding a pond, or even a smaller water feature to your garden. The sounds of running water can be exceptionally soothing. They can calm your mind and ease your stress. A water feature adds colour and depth to your outdoor space and can even increase the value of your home. 

Another considerable advantage is the wildlife that water attracts. If you have a pond, you might also keep fish, which can be colourful and attractive. Your water feature will also attract different kinds of birds, insects, frogs and other wildlife.  Even a small feature can be appealing to local wildlife. 

Hook Up a Bird Feeder

A bird feeder, whether it’s a small box or a much larger table, can make a great addition to your garden. Add a bird feeder to your garden, stock up with bird food and admire. Birds will flock to your garden, especially in the colder months when there might not be as many berries and fruits available. You might also want to invest in some binoculars and a bird book or app if you want to learn more about the birds that are visiting your garden. 

Embrace Colour

Image credit: Pixabay

Insects, bees, birds and butterflies are all attracted to colour. Fill your garden with different colours, and the wildlife will flock. Wildflowers can be particularly attractive, but any colourful flowers and accessories will help. Even painting your fences different colours can be effective. 

Make an Insect Hotel

A bird table is an obvious way to attract wildlife, but what about an insect hotel? Building an insect hotel in your garden is an easy way to give smaller wildlife a welcome home to thrive. Even a small insect or bee hotel can be fascinating and offer you a unique look at how different insects like to live. 

Let Your Grass Grow

Longer areas of grass can attract small wildlife like hedgehogs. You might not want to let all of your lawn grow out of control, but even a small patch out of the way can be great. Surround it with wildflowers and perhaps a woodpile for the best effects. 

Feed Anything That Arrives

If a hedgehog makes a home in your garden, feed it. Learn about what any wildlife that comes into your harden likes to eat. It will keep coming if you offer it a friendly home. Keep your bird table well-stocked, and take care of any habitat that you provide. 

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  1. Ells
    24/12/2019 / 05:57

    This is so interesting! I never used to be interested in plants, gardens or wildlife, but now I love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. 28/12/2019 / 11:44

    I’d love there to be more wildlife in our garden. We get loads of foxes x

  3. 03/01/2020 / 01:22

    We have a bird feeder up and I love looking out my window while I’m meant to be working and watching the birds. It makes me so happy seeing them there! We’re also quite lucky as there’s a big patch of land at the bottom of our garden which is totally untouched so we get lots of wildlife there, like foxes and things!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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