Picking out some new clothes for Nick

It’s that time of year where all the summer clothes are well and truly packed away!

In our house, it is usually me that’s always buying new clothes and using the change of season as an excuse, but after clearing out some summer clothes Nick had some extra room for some new clothes.

Nick has plenty of t shirts and jumpers as well as casual and smart shirts but wants to get more trousers that aren’t jeans so I suggested looking at some nice jogging bottoms.

I am a massive fan of jogging bottoms at the moment and I think depending on what you wear on your top half and your feet then you can smarten them up to wear them out or you can wear them around the house.

I really like camouflage at the moment as I think it is really in this season, as well as mustard clothing, and like I said, you can pick what style you want to rock depending on what you pair them with.

Jogging bottoms can look really cool with a flannel shirt and trainers and can be really comfy.

I am hoping Nick helps me pick out a few pairs for him as I often have different taste and pick things he wouldn’t usually wear!

Plus, if they have a drawstring waist then I can wear them around the house too 🙂

What would you team with jogging bottoms?

Sarah x



  1. 28/11/2019 / 16:19

    I love when my husband wears joggers, they are so comfy but I think he looks really good in them!

  2. 04/12/2019 / 13:08

    I have to admit I’m not a massive fan of joggers but these actually look pretty nice 🙂

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