Perky Blenders – Coffee body scrub

Coffee body scrubs are advertised all over the internet and can often look very messy but I have been trying out the perky blenders coffee scrub the last few weeks to see how I got on with it.

I am not a massive fan of the smell of coffee so wasn’t sure how I would get on but I was really surprised as it wasn’t overpowering at all.

Coffee scrub is so good for your skin as whilst it is exfoliating it is also tightening the skin and helping with any blemishes.

It is easy to use and isn’t messy at all if you use it whilst in the bath. You only need a small handful to use all over your body and it feels very invigorating!

Caffeine from the coffee helps to stimulate blood flow and the coconut oil and butter help to soften your skin so you don’t even need to moisturise after using it.

Have you tried a coffee body scrub before?

Sarah x



  1. 28/11/2019 / 16:55

    Coffee is so good for stimulating blood flow. I love coffee body scrubs.

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