New Owners Short Guide To Taking Care Of A Puppy

Adding a puppy to the family is a very exciting time, but with this comes a huge responsibility for the whole family. You need to be sure that you and your family can give them the care, time and attention that they require. You not only need to make sure you provide them with every they need, ensure your home is safe but you also need to have the time to train them with things such as toilet training and how to walk on a lead.

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This short guide will help you to think about what it takes to take care of a puppy: 

Introduction To The Family 

Ok, so everyone is excited especially the children but as new owners, it’s your responsibility to remember that this is going to be a very anxious time for your new puppy. They will be in a new environment, have new sounds, new smells, and new people to meet. This is why it’s important to make sure that you make them feel as comfortable as possible. Place them on on a leash and have them explore their new environment at your control. The idea is for it to feel comfortable, but a free-roaming puppy will have accidents if left on its own for an extended amount of time. Although some people are against it, using a crate can be a fantastic way of creating a warm, safe spot for your puppy to retreat to when it becomes too much.

House Training

Much like a human baby, a puppy will give you the run around when it comes to sleep and toilet training in their first few weeks in their new home. House training can take time but once a good routine is in place you can return to normal life. You need to have a good routine, patience, and plenty of positive reinforcement. Make sure you identify clearly to the puppy where you expect them to use the bathroom if they are ready for outside try taking them to the same spot each time so they’re familiar with the smells. 

What Does The Puppy Need 

In order to take care of a puppy properly, you need to make sure you have the right equipment and have arranged a visit to a vet’s such as Lynbrook vet. Some of the items you should be getting organised include: 

  • Water and Food bowls– It’s advised to use metal as they’re easier to clean and more hygienic. 
  • A Strong Leash and Collar
  • ID Tags- You can often get these from your local pet supply store.
  • A Crate or Bed
  • Food – To start with you should always use the food that they have been weaned on, even if it’s bad quality and then slowly introduce the food you want to use. 
  • Toys- A puppy tends to chew a lot and this means your furniture and belongings if you don’t provide enough toys that are going to stimulate them. 

This short guide is only a brief overview of what you need in order to take care of a puppy. Do you have anything else that should be included? Please add them in the comments below. 

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  1. 20/11/2019 / 09:31

    We didn’t get my dog from a tiny puppy but he was really easily house trained thankfully x

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