F.E.T.E. Bamboo toothbrushes

Have you ever tried a bamboo toothbrush? f.e.t.e. have created a range of biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes to help eliminate plastics and be better for the environment.

We pronounce it “fate” but the acronym “f.e.t.e.” stands for: “from earth to earth.” It is our aim to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage others to consider ways to help safeguard and protect it by changing our consuming and manufacturing habits. Thus “f.e.t.e.” is all about utilizing natural resources that come as direct FROM the EARTH as possible (and used for products we feel we could not do without) and which can then – after it’s usefulness has ceased – return TO the EARTH as part of the natural and ecological order of things.“- www.fromearthtoearth.com/uk

Their toothbrushes also include eco friendly pigments to add a bit of colour to them and help you identify who’s is who’s if more than one of you is using a bamboo brush in your bathroom!

The family pack is ideal as it contains four brushes, each has a different colour handle and head.

They supply a good range of brushes, depending on if you want soft or medium bristles, they also have a good choice of colours and accessories.

The handles are quite comfortable to use and the bristles feel like they give your teeth a really good clean.

What kind of toothbrush do you use?

Sarah x



  1. Hannah
    14/11/2019 / 12:27

    These sound really good! I’ve got one to test out from another brand so looking forward to it and producing less waste.

  2. 14/11/2019 / 12:58

    I have a Sanyei ION-Sei toothbrush, which I love. These bamboo toothbrushes look great though! 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  3. 31i55a R3n33
    15/11/2019 / 00:29

    do these work with braces?

  4. 28/11/2019 / 16:54

    I love the look of these but have yet to try a bamboo toothbrush! I need to, soon.

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