Cranes Liqueur – Perfect for Halloween cocktails!

Cranes is a british brand created by brothers Ben and Dan and they are well known for their ciders. They have recently released a cranberry and blood orange liqueur which I think would be perfect for Halloween!

It is handcrafted from the highest quality cranberries sourced from Wisconsin USA and infused with natural blood orange juices & orange rind. There are 115 cranberries in each 50cl bottle!

I am not a massive drinker so I am not a cocktail pro but I do like one now and again to celebrate! I also think that even just mixing this with lemonade would taste fab and also keep the strong red colour if you wanted a “blood” drink for Halloween!

I plan to mix up a few different cocktails next week to celebrate 🙂

Cranes have an amazing list of cocktail recipes here. I want to try the love at first sip!

What cocktail would you make?

Sarah x



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