Lovegrass Ethiopia: Teff Superfood

Have you heard of teff? I hadn’t heard of it before trying this pasta from Lovegrass Ethiopia. Teff is a grain which is gluten free and high in protein.

What is Teff?
Ethiopian Habesha Teff is a naturally gluten free grain that’s high in fibre, iron and magnesium and is the only grain known to contain significant amounts of Vitamin C. The prebiotic fibre is an especially key benefit for IBS sufferers. The white and brown varieties of Teff are nutritionally exactly the same, the difference is purely down to the colour of the grain.

What is Teff Pasta?
Lovegrass Ethiopia has introduced the world’s first 100% Teff pasta. The Teff grain has been ground into flour, mixed with water and turned into delicious Fusilli Pasta that can be used in place of any of your favourite pasta-based dishes. Swapping to Teff pasta means you can enjoy a delicious, gluten free and nutritionally packed alternative to your regular brand.

Which dietary lifestyles is Teff pasta suitable for?

IBS Sufferers
Free from all 14 allergens
Low salt/fat/sugar
Free from artificial products/flavours

It is easy to cook, just like regular pasta and can be eaten plain or with a sauce. I am quite a big fan of plain pasta so enjoyed eating this by itself. It was a pleasant change from my usual pasta and a lot healthier!

Sarah x



  1. 15/07/2019 / 22:41

    I love pasta so I might have to keep an eye out for this and try it! 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  2. bethany jane
    04/08/2019 / 22:38

    What a great idea, my best friend has Coeliac’s disease so this would be a great alternative to pasta for her, without any gluten!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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