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If you read my posts regularly you would have seen me mention Femmeluxe a few times. They are are a great clothing website and after ordering a few bits from them last year, I fell in love with their site.

I have had quite a few products from them before, ranging from dresses to jeans and have always been impressed with their range and the price.

I ordered the loungewear/ two piece sets in a small/medium which is a UK 8-10 and I find this is the best size option for me and they fit really well. If there isn’t a S/M option I usually opt for a 10. For the sweatshirt and the oversize t shirt dress I wanted them to be even more over-sized so went for a L which is a 10/12.

Black – Lips printed oversized T shirt dress – Rihanna


Size L

This tshirt is quite thick and comfy. I love the print on the front and I don’t own many long sleeve t shirts so this is great. I think teamed with a pair of leggings it looks really trendy. I went for a bigger size than I usually wear but as it is already oversized it made it a lot bigger. I really like the large t shirt/sweatshirt and legging look which is why I sized up on this one. The material is soft and it also looks good with the sleeves rolled up.

White – This is my day off sweat shirt print sweater – Aubree


Size L

I was shocked at how cheap this was! I love slogan clothing and I don’t actually own much white clothing, about 90% of my sweatshirts are black so this made a nice change. It is really soft on the inside and really comfortable to either wear going out for the day or for lazing about the house. Again, on this one I sized up so it would be baggy.

Black short sleeve boxy loungewear set – Lacy


Size S/M

Snake short sleeve boxy loungewear set – Lacy


Size S/M

In find all of their lounge wear sets are super comfy. The material is quite thick and they are very smart to be worn when going to work or going out as well as at home. The trousers fit perfectly and I love having a top to go with it. I also already have these particular ones in a couple of other colours/designs so could always mix and match!

I think to get two items of clothing for this price is so good. You can either wear them together or wear them with anything else really. The trousers would look good with any top/jumper or top really, they don’t necessarily have to be worn as the set.

As I previously mentioned, the prices are so reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. They really do have choices suited for everyone.

The delivery was super quick too which is great, as I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up! The prices are so reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. I am always skeptical about ordering clothes online as you can’t feel them to know the quality but these are so good and for the quality I would have expected them to be more expensive!

I am really trying to expand my wardrobe this year and to try things I would’t usually wear and have more of a variety of items rather than just a black t shirt and jeans!

What is your favourite online clothing store?

Sarah x



  1. 17/07/2019 / 14:22

    Funny enough I just had an email off FemmeLux this morning offering me 4 free items in exchange for a blog post etc. I do like the items you picked, especially the lounge wear sets. I’m not sure I’ll pick anything because most of the items are too young for me and just not my style, plus they only go up to a size 16. If only I were 20 years younger and a couple of sizes smaller lol 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  2. bethany jane
    04/08/2019 / 23:00

    That snake loungewear set looks amazing on you! Can’t really argue with prices like this either can you? 🙂
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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