What Can You Do To Helped A Male Loved One Through A Tough Period?


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Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time. Unfortunately, while they’ll be happy to accept it once offered, many men remain reluctant to ask for support. So, if you’ve seen a loved one experience a tough time, it might be necessary to take the initiative.

Before you do, though, you’ll need to consider the different ways in which you could support your loved one. Here are some of the best.


Perhaps the most significant you can do for a loved one during their dark days is provide a shoulder to cry on. They say that a problem shared is a problem halved, and this is also encourages them to actually take control of their situation.

Everyone suffers tough moments and can benefit from having an arm around them. However, if your loved one has shown signs of clinical depression, it might be best to speak with an expert. Mental health professionals can diagnose the condition. They can also prescribe medicines, treatments, and coping mechanism to stop the demons. Many sufferers find it easy to talk to a stranger too.

Knowing that they do not have to face the battle alone can lift a huge weight from their shoulders. Do not be afraid to embrace the power of human interaction.

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Acknowledge Their Situation

Listening to a loved one’s problems is great, but you must respond in the right way. Many people make situations worse despite setting out with good intentions. With this in mind, it’s pivotal that you avoid the pitfalls such as sounding patronising or trivialising their problems.

Their problems may stem from finances, relationships, or personal challenges. Whatever the problem might be, it’s important to give your loved one’s issues the attention that they deserve. Depending on the nature of the issue in question, you should be able to find valuable info on how to manage the situation by looking online. Whatever happens, keep the focus on them.

On a similar note, you must accept that there may be days in which your male relation simply doesn’t want to discuss things. Giving them space while still being available is vital.

Help With Image Issues   

A lot of people fall into dark days because they aren’t happy with their looks. Worse still, being unhappy can heighten the chances of overlooking key aspects of their image. Providing your loved one with the impetus to pay greater attention to their appearance can work wonders.

Many men have to deal with losing their hair, but a cheap hair transplant can soon fix this. A man with great hair can have far more confidence in daily life. When supported by the right nutrition and exercise to maintain a good figure, the threat of darkness taking over becomes reduced. If motivation is an issue, why not offer to accompany them at Parkrun?

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Alternatively, your loved one may simply require a little restyling. From new hairstyles to a change of fashion choices can make all the difference.

Show That You Care

The light that enters your life when someone shows that they care is truly incredible. While the three ideas above are great examples, there are many other ways to show that you are thinking about that person. It can offer a huge deal of comfort in those difficult times.

It doesn’t have to be Father’s Day to buy a male loved one a present. Gifts aren’t the only way to show that you care in an effective manner, though. Time together can be equally rewarding, even when you do something that costs very little money. Small gestures like sending them a funny video that you think they’ll enjoy can have a positive impact too.

Whatever is happening in your loved one’s life, the support of good people is a massive factor. Do not underestimate this for a second.

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Distract Them

Forgetting about problems isn’t advised as it only allows the problems to spiral out of control. However, it might not be a bad idea to put the focus on other areas of their life where things are going well. After all, it’s natural for people to let the negatives paint a far bleaker picture.

If it’s a male friend that has gone through a divorce, for example, encourage them to think about their career or fitness goals. Or it could even be as simple as rediscovering their hobby of watching their local sports team. Whether you play an active role in the new activities or not isn’t of huge significance. The key factor is that they get to feel better about themselves.

The key is to strike the balance between enjoying other life aspects while still treating the areas that need attention. Do this for the very best results.

Research Solutions

If there is a definitive reason for the negative feelings, it may be possible to take a more active role. Pointing your loved one in the right direction in regards to overcoming the problem could be all that is needed to get them back on track. Even a small amount of progress can establish the motivation.

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If they’ve lost a job, you could look to find similar vacancies to support your loved one on the quest to get a new role. Alternatively, support with cover letter and CV writing may be just the ticket. Or if money worries are the cause for concern, looking for ways to reduce their monthly outgoings should be on the agenda.   

It’s often difficult to see the solutions when you’re trapped in a solution. This is why your loved one will truly appreciate the support, even when it seems very simple from the outside looking in.


Severe depression and anxiety deserve specialised treatments. However, everyone experiences tough moments from time to time. When your loved one is simply going through a tough time, there are a lot of things you can do to pull them through the temporary problems.   

Ultimately, though, your presence is the most significant factor by far. Make this your priority throughout this period and your loved one will thank you forever.

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