Oil Immanuel

I have been trying a couple of products from Oil Immanuel the last few weeks and wanted to share my views with you.

Face Butter with Frankincense Patchouli and Myrrh

This face butter feels so luxurious to use. I have been using it every other night along my usual skincare routine and have noticed it has helped to heal my acne scars around my jawline. It is not too thick and it soaks in nicely. I always look extra moisturised the morning after using this. I like to use things like this at nighttime before bed.

Body Oil with Frankincense

This body oil smells great and I have been using it on my dry elbows and ankles as well as on my legs and it is so lovley to apply. I use it as a treat after a pampering bath and feel so soft after applying it. A little goes a long way and I really like using an oil over a mousturiser for my legs.

Sarah x



  1. 03/04/2019 / 14:47

    They both sound really lovely but personally I’m not keen on the scent of Frankincense. I don’t mind it as such, so if it’s not overpowering I’ll still use products that contain it. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  2. 07/04/2019 / 12:20

    I like the sound of these – a new brand to check out for sure x

  3. bethemilydann
    10/04/2019 / 14:36

    The face butter sounds very luxurious x

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