New hair ft tape in extensions

I am always changing my hair colour and it is always fun to do but this time I wanted to change things up a bit and try hair extensions.

Wearing any type of hairpiece is something that should be a normal thing and not something that you should feel is just playing dress-up or shameful. It’s important that you’re taking the time to work on confidence when it comes to wearing hair or to consider perhaps an FUE hair transplant as an alternative. Hair brings us the confidence that we need in life to feel and look our best for ourselves.

I have tried a wig and clip in extensions from Hair grade before but didn’t realise they did tape ins. The ones I tried were the wvl tape in hair extensions – 20 pieces / 4cm wide. You can get these in a variety of colours but I went for a light blonde so they were a good base to dye.

I will be showing you the steps I took. This is my hair before I did anything:

I had been trying to fade out my existing colours and you can see there was still a lot of colours in there and my roots needed doing. I always just use a box blonde to do my roots and drag it down slightly to lighten the ends if needed.

I didn’t need to go white blonde I just needed to get the brown out and bleach it to a mid/light blonde.

I then split my hair ready to dye it. I wanted to dye the top colours first before fitting the extensions.

I mixed up the colours and put them in plastic pots all ready to go.

I then used the pink and purple as the top two shades and dyed my natural hair.

It was then time to move on to the extensions. They were so soft and long and I was really impressed with them. I went for three packs but only ended up using 2 and a half but I have really thick hair and a lot of it so I think most people would just need two packs.

The top of the extensions have the tape strip attached. I was concerned about dying the tops so instead I used permanent marker to colour them in so I wouldn’t have to try and dye them.

It didn’t take too long to fit these extensions and they were very easy to use. You sandwich a piece of your own hair in between two extensions so once they are fitted the sticky strips are back to back with the sticky holding them in place with each other and your natural hair.

Once they were fitted I made sure they were all secure and then went on to split my hair in two again and finish dying my hair and the extensions. It was a lot easier to dye them in my hair so I could blend them better.

I am so pleased with the final result and I feel like a mermaid. Tape ins should be better than clip ins as they will fade at the same rate and I can re-dye them when needed. I didn’t put them too near my hairline so I can still tie my hair up and you cannot see where they are taped in.

Have you tried hair extensions before? What type have you tried?

Sarah x



  1. 27/04/2019 / 17:10

    Wow, the colours have come out so so well! 😀 Looks fab! 😀 I wouldn’t have the patience to do all that but the results are well worth it. 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  2. 28/04/2019 / 10:48

    Wow, that’s colourful! I used to wear so many extensions but only clip ins x

  3. 06/05/2019 / 08:15

    I love vibrant colored hair. Looks so pretty.

  4. Liz Brannan
    12/05/2019 / 18:29

    Oh my gosh, your hair looks amazing! The extensions look so good – I really want them to thicken my hair! I’ve also never heard of tape-in’s before so that’s something new! Liz x

  5. Ashlee
    12/05/2019 / 18:50

    That’s is cool, I wanna try some extensions!! Love the colors!

  6. 12/05/2019 / 20:37

    Your hair looks amazing I need to have a look at getting some extensions. I would love multi coloured hair

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