Cuticura dry skin cream

I have been struggling for a while with really dry elbows, I am not sure why they get so dry but I wanted to find something I could put on them before bed as my usual body moisturiser wasn’t working. I have been using this dry skin cream from cuticura for about 3 weeks now daily and have noticed a massive difference.

My elbows now feel soft and I don’t really have to worry about them so have cut down to just using cream when they need them rather than having to apply it daily.

This cream is designed for any dry patches you may have and can be used to treat eczema.

Pretty pleased with how well this worked 🙂

Sarah x



  1. Rachel
    09/04/2019 / 11:36

    I always find my skin gets particularly dry in spring/autumn – like it has to adjust to the change in season.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. 09/04/2019 / 21:17

    Just trying this out myself and on my elbows too lol I get stress psoriasis on them but even when I don’t have a flare up my elbows are so dry. This seems to be doing the trick though. 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  3. bethemilydann
    10/04/2019 / 14:37

    I haven’t heard of this brand, it sounds good though x

  4. 11/04/2019 / 09:57

    I’ve never heard of this. How much is it? Where can I buy it? I could do with some actually 😊

    Love Lozza xo

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