Chilled Maté

“Chilled Maté – (pronounced mah-tay) is a refreshing drink based on an extraction from the Yerba Mate plant – (pronounced yer-bah mah-tay). The plant grows naturally in many regions of South America including in the Amazonian rainforest. The drink was originally steeped, similar to a tea and consumed by various native tribes within the Amazonian basin.  To them the drink gave them both physical and mental alertness as well as being a great provider of vitamins and minerals. ” –

I have been trying out their two different flavours – natural and sicilian lemon & brazilian lime.

Both flavours are:

  • natural source of energy
  • less than 10 calories per 100ml
  • healthy and authentic yerba mate
  • ethically sourced

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first tried the drinks. I wanted something healthier than a fizzy drink as if I don’t want water and want a can of fizz I usually go for coca cola and that really isn’t good for you.

These drinks are such a better option for you and are a pleasant change from water or squash if you fancy a treat.

Both flavours are vegan friendly.

The natural one tastes like a fizzy fruity tea almost, the taste is very unique and I can’t really compare it to anything I have tried before but it is very refreshing and a real pleasant change from a can of cola or lemonade.

The lemon and lime one has that same taste I described above but with a hint of lemon and lime, like a flavoured sparkling water. It was quite refreshing and would be great as a treat in the summer if you want a cool fizzy drink but want something healthy.

Have you ever heard of this brand?

Sarah x



  1. 12/03/2019 / 11:15

    I’ve never heard of these but they sound really refreshing!

    Jenny in Neverland

  2. 12/03/2019 / 16:37

    I haven’t heard of this brand but I really like the sound of them. I usually drink water but like you say, sometimes you just want a fizzy drink – for me that would be Coke Zero. Still not that good for you. Something like these drinks would be an ideal substitute! 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  3. bethemilydann
    21/03/2019 / 13:34

    The lemon and lime sounds so refreshing x

  4. Marc Lamberts
    30/03/2019 / 19:24

    These sound amazing! Wish I could try them out 🙂

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