Bullards Old Tom Gin

Bullards gin has had a redesign. It’s is now supplied in a new bottle design with paper free labelling.

Award-winning Bullards gin has a new identity that draws heavily on its Norwich heritage to communicate the hand-crafted, premium quality of its products.

It was designed by multi-award-winning agency Stranger & Stranger to visually represent ‘The Spirit of Norwich’ and the brand’s strong ties to the city. A unique shape is inspired by the iconic chimney stack that towered over Bullards’ Anchor Brewery in Westwick Street.

The familiar ‘tipsy anchor’ trademark takes centre stage on the bottle front, reinforced with smaller versions embossed within the base of the glass as well as the cap.

The release of the new bottle design coincides with the launch of Bullards’ latest product, Old Tom Gin. Inspired by a heritage product itself as a style popular in the late 18th and 19th centuries, Bullards Old Tom Gin is botanically-sweetened with Norfolk honey and smooth mango softness at its core, overlaid with a spicy complexity that comes from pink pepper. Fresh grapefruit peel lends the gin its traditional dryness while Norfolk honey and sweet vanilla linger long after the finish. Mix with standard Indian tonic water or elderflower tonic, garnished with grapefruit peel, lemon peel or honeycomb and vanilla.

I didn’t personally try this gin as it contained honey and I stick to a strict vegan diet but my husband and his family tried it and were really impressed. It seemed to be a big hit having it with a plain tonic water and apparently it was one of the best gins they had tried.

Gin can be an acquired taste and no two gins are alike. If you are looking for a sweet gin then this one is for you as it is sweetened with honey.

Have you heard of this brand before? Are you a gin drinker?

Sarah x



  1. 11/01/2019 / 20:53

    I have liked Gin since I was young but of course it wasn’t the ‘in’ drink back then. I’m so pleased that it’s so popular and all the different types. I am not supposed to have alcohol any more due to all the meds I take but I do have the odd drink here and there. Over Christmas I had some pink Gin, which I loved.

    The Bullards Old Tom Gin sounds delicious! 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  2. sarahlamb
    12/01/2019 / 09:33

    ooh love the bottle, i don’t drink, but i know people that would love this

  3. morgiereacts
    13/01/2019 / 14:09

    Ooooh I’m not a fan of gin but I know people who would love this! Great post xx

  4. Olivia
    13/01/2019 / 22:47

    Oooo gin is my fav this sounds lovely

  5. 20/01/2019 / 13:42

    og, i didnt recognise this at first but like you said its because it’s rebranded thats good to know

  6. bethemilydann
    22/01/2019 / 23:21

    I’m personally not a gin drinker, but I know people who would love this x

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