Visibly vegan – Grapefruit and Seville orange soy wax candle

Its that time of year where it is perfectly acceptable to have candles burning all the time and all over the house! I find with candles they can often be hit or miss, they can smell nice the whole time they burn or they can smell good when you first light them and then they lose the scent. I find it important to try and find a good quality candle that will smell good right until the very end! My favourite one right now is this grapefruit and Seville orange from visibly vegan.

I love the simple packaging as I am not keep on coloured candles, this way you can have it in any room in the house and not have to worry if it matches your colour scheme if you have one. It smelt great when I initially got it out the box and it is so lovely once you start burning it. I have been burning it every day and it is about a third of the way down now and still smells as great as when I first opened the box so I am really impressed. It fills the room with the beautiful scent and I love how long it is lasting.

If you buy one through and use code tradem18 you can get £5 off 🙂

What is your favorite candle?

Sarah x



  1. 15/12/2018 / 23:18

    I have so many candles i really couldnt say what my best one was abut i like woody smells

  2. bethemilydann
    16/12/2018 / 23:41

    That scent sounds dreamy!x

  3. 17/12/2018 / 15:04

    Love the sound of this scent! 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  4. aysemervedemirblog
    22/12/2018 / 20:03

    I love burning candles! x

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