How to make sure you are drinking safe water.

Water is something we need to drink to survive. It is not practical or good for the environment to drink bottled water all of the time so most of us would usually drink from a tap.

Do you we really know if this is safe of not? Is the water too hard or too soft or does it contain chemicals?

At home we currently use a water filter jug but we have been looking into possible getting a water cooler next year that would be plumbed in. I don’t really like the taste of tap water, it varies wherever you go and there is always the worry in the back of my mind as to if is it ok. 

At work in our office we have a water cooler and it is such a great idea. You have constant access to clean, fresh, safe drinking water and it is always chilled. I love how easy it is to use and how you know the water is always safe and you can also pick from two separate temperatures, cold or extra cold. Sometimes I find tap water just isn’t cold enough and you have to wait ages for it to get to the right temperate, meaning you are wasting so much water down the sink every time you get a glass. I try to drink 2 litres during the day at work, so just imagine how much would be wasted if I left the tap running every time I wanted a drink, just because it wasn’t cold enough!

I have been looking at Home2Office water coolers and they have such a great range to choose from. It is so important to do your research on things like this as it is a big investment. You can also visit sites like Customer Service Guru that can often offer discounts and voucher codes, as well as direct phone numbers to the companies customer service team if you have questions about a product before you buy it.

I think not only would a water cooler at home be convenient, but it would also save on wasted water from running the tap too much and it also would mean that I wouldn’t have to use a filter jug and I would know it was fresh and safe.

What do you think about having a water cooler at home? Is this something you would look into?

Sarah x



  1. 20/12/2018 / 16:58

    If we had the room and the money I’d definitely look at getting one installed. I tend to drink mostly water but I always buy bottled because tap water isn’t always that nice.:)

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  2. bethemilydann
    22/12/2018 / 01:13

    I’m not sure I’ll get one in my uni halls!x

  3. morgiereacts
    28/12/2018 / 21:36

    I need one of these but I also need space! haha ):

  4. 02/01/2019 / 09:48

    I’d love to have one of these in my home haha x

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