Anu UK oil burner

I love AnuUK products, I have had a couple of their candles before and the scents were so beautiful and the candles such great quality. I have been trying out the essential oil burner which I think is so beautiful and was only £22. They have such a great range of oil blends to use in the oil burner too which you can pick up from £5.

I am really into meditating recently and trying to create a calm atmosphere in our bedroom to relax before going to sleep. I have found that burning candles or using an oil burner has really helped. You can get so many great oil blends that help to calm you as the scent is released into the air.

It is as simple as lighting a tealight underneath and then placing water and dropping the oil into the top bowl. If you find that you fall in love with a scent then you can also get the ceramic diffuser to put in your car or hang up in another room or somewhere. I think this is a super cool idea and have never seen anything like it before.

The scents:


The scent: Fresh lavender fields, herbal

The energy: calming, relaxing, connecting


The scent: forest walks, fresh air, connection to nature

The energy: grounding, supporting


The scent: Fresh, herbal

Consistency: Light


The scent: Sharp, herbal, fresh

Consistency: Light

You can of course mix the scents together, my favourite one has to be opulence with a bit  of lavender added.

Have you used an oil burner before? Do you have a favourite scent?

This would make a great Christmas gift 🙂

Sarah x



  1. 07/12/2018 / 13:03

    I think oil burners are great and I really like aromatherapy diffusers too. Though I admit I just tend to use wax melts at the moment. I love fruity, sweet scents the most. However, if it was for meditation or to relax/sleep, I would have to go for Lavender of course. 🙂

    Sarah x || Boxnip

  2. bethemilydann
    16/12/2018 / 23:27

    This is such a cute little oil burner!x

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