5 Makeovers You Can Do In Your Home This Christmas

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If you are in the mood for giving, how about doing something to brighten up the home, which, after all, gives you and your family essential shelter. It might be a small improvement, but it will certainly add to the already happy ambience as Christmas approaches, and with that in mind, here are a few great home makeover ideas for your home this Christmas.

1. Change The Taps – If your taps have seen better days, this is the perfect time to replace them. You can find a great selection of Franke taps from an online home improvement supplier, who can be found with a simple Google search. As a finishing touch, tie some red ribbon around the hot tap and blue around the cold for a really seasonal look. If you have neither the time nor inclination to fit the taps, call out your local handyman, who will be happy to help.

2. Replace The Light Shading – This is one way to brighten up the home prior to Christmas, and with coloured units, you can change the hue to suit the occasion. If you want to see a wide range of home lighting solutions, simply search for an online building supplies retailer, who would have many stylish options, all at affordable prices.

3. Focus On The Kitchen – This is the room where the whole family will spend their time this coming holiday. With all that delicious food cooking, it will be the warmest room in the house, and some luxury vinyl flooring would really transform the room. It comes in tiles and if you buy from an online supplier, you will likely get trade prices. If the lighting leaves a lot to be desired, replace with LED units that are both stylish and economical. A nice pendant light over the main table, where the whole family will enjoy their traditional Christmas Dinner.

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4. Redecorate The Hall – You will, no doubt, have many visitors during this long festival and what better way to welcome them than a hallway renovation. Either a repaint or some soft wallpaper will transform the area and with all the accessories available from a single online supplier, you can soon have the reception area ready for the many Christmas decorations.

5. Add Some Wall Art – An inexpensive way to revamp any dwelling, the right wall art will blend well with the Christmas decorations and break up the expanses of bare wall, making the room feel more homely, ideal for Christmas. There are great Christmas wall art ideas to give you some inspiration, and you can find some of them online.

Image Source: Unsplash

If you are a DIY enthusiast who is always working on projects at home, you should forge an alliance with an online building supplies company, who can provide both essential materials and tools as you gradually improve your living space. The above ideas are but the tip of the iceberg, and with some online searching, you can find many sites that are dedicated to home improvement projects, and with a good online supplier, you can focus on transforming the family home.

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  1. bethemilydann
    05/12/2018 / 10:41

    I can’t wait to have my own home and decorate, I currently can only really do the wall art one x

  2. 05/12/2018 / 12:37

    Some great ideas there, i think it’s such a good idea to spruce everywhere up, even if you’re just adding a few new touches or swapping some things out. Doesn’t have to be expensive either. 🙂

    Sarah X || Boxnip

  3. Lucy
    05/12/2018 / 23:39

    What great ideas! I’ve not started decorating yet!

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