Trying out new vegan hair products from HairCareShop

Since adapting to a vegan diet I have also been more interested in trying to use more vegan or cruelty free products. It is always hard to know where to start with looking at ingredients and is so much easier if something is clearly labelled “vegan”. I was lucky enough to receive some vegan hair products from Biosthetique to try out.
You can view their range at HairCareShop online here. There are three main ranges you can select from: Gentle, balancing and intense.


To give gentle and mild care using ingredients such as ginko and lavender.


Free from perfumes the balancing range is especially gentle for your skin and hair. Using ingredients such as ginseng and jojoba.


This will inject some energy into your skin and hair care routine with energizing ingredients such as mint and lemon to lift and revive.

The products I tried were:

Balancing shampoo – this is great as I suffer with greasy roots and dry tips. It helps to balance the natural oils in your hair and is great for sensitive scalps. I always find that products designed to re-balance your hair or skin are a great addition to your bathroom.

Gentle conditioner – this is a leave in conditioner which works great on my damaged and dry ends. I always condition my hair when I wash it but always want to give it that extra moisture and leave in products are great. This doesn’t weigh your hair down and gives it the moisture needed.

Intense mask – I try to do a deep conditioning treatment or mask at least once a week as my hair is very damaged from dying it so much. This one only needs to be left on your hair for ten minutes and it really does make my hair feel more manageable and softer.

I also received some gentle tea which was really good 🙂
Sarah x


  1. 27/11/2018 / 20:16

    I’ m trying to go cruelty free with all my skincare products! I must check this out!

  2. 28/11/2018 / 12:05

    These sound great – always good when a haircare brand is Vegan too.

  3. 02/12/2018 / 17:54

    I tried vegan products on my hair before and it just didnt leave it nice but im open for giving it another go

  4. bethemilydann
    02/12/2018 / 21:02

    Ooh a new brand for me to look into x

  5. 05/12/2018 / 23:33

    I need to try this range! Xx

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