Ideas for Mixing Art Deco Items in Your Home

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If you are looking to add some colour and texture to our home decoration, art deco is an ideal style to include. This glitzy style emerged in France shortly after World War One and soon encompassed the world, influencing the design of almost everything, and with some careful purchases, you can brighten up your home décor with this glamorous style.

Bold Geometric Shapes

Art Deco is all about bold geometric shapes and rich colours, so you should have a base foundation that employs such designs. You can source online dealer of fine art deco furniture with a simple online search and this will help you to source desired items. Incorporating rich colours and strong geometric shapes into your home décor can make any setting look brighter and by enlisting the help of an online antique dealer, you will have no problem sourcing specific items.

Image Source: Unsplash

Limit Your Art Deco Pieces

There is a real danger of overdoing it with art deco and with the rest of the room neutral, the art deco items add the right amount of colour and depth. One should limit the number of art deco pieces to 3 or 4 in a single room and they should be of the right colour and shape to complement the existing décor.

Online Inspiration

For many homeowners who wish to incorporate art deco into their home, searching online for some inspiration is always a good idea. It can be hard to visualise how a specific item would look in your home setting and a Google image search will give you many fine examples of how art deco can be successfully incorporated into a room’s settings.

Neutral Pallets

If you base the room on neutral colours, adding some colourful art deco items with shiny and rich fabrics will give the room that balanced look. Art deco style wall art is a perfect way to do this, with prints and even hanging fabrics, which go a long way to bringing that much needed colour and depth to an otherwise neutral setting.

Image Source: Unsplash

Be Selective

Art deco comes in many forms and while there might be a few items that “seem to fit”, you really should be selective in what you actually add to a room. Rather than settling for something that looks okay, source items that look like they really belong, which can be done if you browse a few online antique dealers’ websites. If you forge an alliance with one such dealer, you can ask them to source specific items to order and with their extensive connections, finding the right items should never be an issue.

If you need some inspiration, there are informative articles available online that offer interior designing tips for the homeowner, which might help you with your selection.

Vases and other ornaments make for the perfect features in a room that offers a hint of art deco style and by choosing your colours carefully, you can achieve an overall balance.

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    Love all the pictures you used! Great tips xx

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    I absolutely love the white sofa, but I’d get it super messy!xx

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    Love the neutral colours and great tips! 🙂

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    I’m currently so into interiors at the moment as I’ve just did up my room and I’ve used some Desenio prints to change up my room!

    Ayse x

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    I love interior posts! that clock and your coffee table are right up my street!

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