Made for drink – Patacones plantain chips

Still continuing my plant based/vegan journey… I have been trying so many new foods the last few months and have been sharing a few with you guys. This week I have been eating a lot of patacones plantain chips. Ask me a month a go what they are and I would have said.. huh?…

These chips are made from sliced plantain, fried and then seasoned. They are a great bar snack and are advertised to go well with rum. I am happy to just sit at home and work my way through a bag!

They taste almost like fried batter but at the same time a really posh tasty pack of crisps. I am actually sat eating a whole bag as I type this! Why has no one told me about plantain before?!

Have you ever heard of these?

Sarah x



  1. Ashley Lennon
    27/10/2018 / 12:45

    Oh my god I NEED these!

  2. 27/10/2018 / 13:14

    I’ve never heard of anything like this before but I’d definitely be open to giving them a go!

  3. 27/10/2018 / 16:13

    Never heard of them as snacks before but they sound pretty yummy! 🙂 x

  4. 28/10/2018 / 18:33

    I’ve not tried anything like this before, I have heard of plantain but never tried it

    Tasha x

  5. 28/10/2018 / 21:03

    I’ve tried plantane before and i loved it so no doubt i would like these too

  6. morgiereacts
    28/10/2018 / 21:57

    These look amazing!

  7. bethemilydann
    08/11/2018 / 21:24

    Your food journey is so informative x

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