Who remembers the Nokia 3310?!

Who remembers the Nokia 3310? It used to look like a chunky, in-destructible brick. It was my first ever phone, you could call and text on it and play snake and that was about it. Nokia now have a smart version of this phone and it is insane. I think its crazy that it now has a colour screen.

It comes in different colours, I think the yellow is super bright and funky!

It supports micro sim which is the same size as an iphone and also has room for an SD card. The phone features a built in radio as standard too.

It is pretty easy to use, I got my priorities sorted by first figuring out the new colourful game of snake!

The built in camera is great quality too.

In comparison to my iphone 6 you can see it is a great size.

This would make a great first phone as often smart phones can cost hundreds of pounds.

It is easy to use, Nokias are also know for their durability. I used to drop mine all the time back in the day and the 3310 is honestly so robust. This model is ideal if you work on a building site or you need a phone to take to a festival or event that isn’t bulky. It

You can add apps to the phone, there are lots of games you can download and it has the standard apps pre installed like facebook and twitter. I think it is so reasonably priced for a smart phone. This one was £54 from AO

So impressed by this as an alternative to my iphone and really pleased with how easy it is to use and how it isn’t bulky in my pocket!

Would you go back to using the famous 3310?!

Sarah x



  1. 28/09/2018 / 12:33

    God, that takes me back! I used to have one of those. Could I go back to using one? No, I’ve gotten so used to the bigger screens that having a small screen like on the 3310 would annoy me lol For a kids first phone though, it might be ideal! 🙂 x

  2. Morgie
    29/09/2018 / 09:10

    Nokia’s were the absolute best!

  3. bethemilydann
    29/09/2018 / 16:13

    My first phone was a Nokia similar to this, it’s best feature was it’s torch – it didn’t even play music!!xx


  4. 29/09/2018 / 16:48

    Oh god! This reminds me of my first phone I had in middle school xx

  5. Olivia
    30/09/2018 / 17:04

    Oh wow this reminds of my first phone!

  6. Sarah Sullivan
    30/09/2018 / 17:50

    oh my goodness that was a blast from the past! im glad they remade it

  7. 30/09/2018 / 21:14

    This brings back loads of memories as my first phone was a Nokia too haha!

    Ayse x

  8. 01/10/2018 / 10:58

    Ah this is so nostalgic! I could play Snake for hours haha x

  9. 06/10/2018 / 16:48

    I really dont think i could go back tbh i wouldnt know how to use it lol

  10. 13/10/2018 / 11:54

    No way?! That’s so cool! I need to get this for my boyfriend, that way he won’t be able to break his phone

    Tasha x

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