The Essential Welcome Diversity Kit For A New Dog

Whether you’ve finally decided to adopt a dog for the first time, or whether you’re an experienced dog owner looking for a new friend, there is always a list of essentials you should buy. Indeed, welcoming a new dog into your family requires a little planning, both for yourself and for your furry pet. One of the most common mistakes that people make, when it comes to preparing the house for their dog, is to forget to consider your pet’s tastes. Picture the scene with a dear friend instead of an animal. If you knew your friend was staying overnight, you’d make sure to know what they prefer to eat and drink for breakfast or if they need anything in the guest bedroom. Consequently, it’s essential to add choice and diversity to your pet’s welcoming pack too.

Make your new pup(s) feel welcome

#1. Your new friend might be nervous

Whether you’re adopting a puppy directly from a breeder or you’ve chosen to take a senior dog from a shelter, you want to put yourself in your dog’s shoes — or paws. Your pup is about to discover a new environment and a new family. Of course, it will be exciting. But at first, the experience is likely to be stressful for a couple of days until your new friend gets used to you and its new home. But you can help the accommodation process to go smoothly with a calming diffuser that actively de-stresses your pet. Just prepare the house by plugging one or more diffuser throughout the property – depending on its size, you might need more than one.

#2. Everyone needs a comfy bed

Do you sleep best on your back, your belly or your side? You probably know the answer to the question. But can you say the same about your dog? You need to create a comfy nest for your pet which typically includes good pillows for dogs and a little blanket. You’ll find that most dogs feel more confident with a brand new bed – it’s best not to re-use the pillow from your previous dog as the odor might be confusing at first. You need to keep your options open too, with a quality bed, a throw and maybe also one of your old sweaters to reassure your dog.

#3. Several culinary options

What will your dog eat? The truth is that you don’t know until you’ve tried it. While it’s true that dogs may not have the same developed palate than people, most of them have specific tastes. You can make it easy for your friend to discover new food by buying small portions in multipack offers. This will allow you to find out whether your pup prefers chicken, beef, carrots, or even cereals. Additionally, you can also introduce healthier alternatives for dogs that have been used to wet food only.

#4. Toys, toys, toys

Dogs like to play. But they all have a favorite toy. Therefore it’s a good idea to have a selection of toys to welcome your pet: A soft toy, a ball, and something to chew and pull.

The bottom line is that all dogs are different. You should also cater to a few possibilities when you adopt a new friend, from whether or not they might be stressed to the type of food they might like.

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  1. shaunaclairegg
    07/09/2018 / 20:25

    I remember prepping for my puppy when she was small!

  2. missviclb
    07/09/2018 / 21:04

    Now you’ve just made me want a puppy!! If only I didn’t have such long working hours.

    Vicki |

  3. Boxnip
    08/09/2018 / 09:28

    Great tips and suggestions! 🙂 x

  4. 08/09/2018 / 09:56

    Great post! I remember preparing my dog when we first got him!

  5. 08/09/2018 / 17:23

    Such an amazing post! Great tips xx

  6. fayejessica
    10/09/2018 / 15:43

    Amazing tips! Every pet owner should read this.

    Faye Jessica |

  7. Sarah Sullivan
    29/09/2018 / 19:08

    i dont think i can deal with a dog, but these are good tips

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