Daughter Of The Soil from Harpak

Another great brand I came across on Harpak is Daughter Of The Soil. You can buy a sample pack for £20 which contains a small selection of their most popular products to try. You can also purchase full sizes of their products from Harpak.

I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of their products to try(please note that these differ from what you would receive if you order the 4 product sample pack). The products are very luxurious to use and I found you don’t need to use much as they seem to last a long time.

What I tried:

Shea body butter – I love body butters rather than body lotions usually as I find they are are more hydrating and easier to apply as they are thicker. I like the consistency of this once and it smells great. It is a non-greasy formula and it was great to apply to my dry elbows. It soaks in really quickly and leaves your skin super soft.

Marula hand wash – I have been using this for a while now and what I like the most is that it doesn’t dry out your hands like some hand washes can. It foams easily and leaves your hands feeling clean.

Baobab and Rooibos body wash – This body wash has been in my shower for the last couple of weeks and there is still quite a bit left! You only need a small amount and it lathers really well. It leaves you feeling refreshed and is great to use on a body puff.

Baobab and Rooibos body lotion – Using this after washing with the body lotion will help the scent stay on you for longer. I really like using this lotion on my arms and legs if I feel I need to moisturise but don’t need anything as strong as a body butter.

Marula hydrating hand lotion – This is the same scent as the hand wash I tried. I really like using something from the same “scent family” where possible as the products will then compliment each other and the scent lasts longer. It soaks in quickly and leaves your hands nourished.

Sarah x



  1. 14/03/2018 / 16:29

    Body butter is literally my fave thing, this brand sounds amazing, can’t believe I’ve never heard of them!

    M x

  2. 19/03/2018 / 15:09

    Ohh these products sound great, especially the Shea body butter! x

  3. 19/03/2018 / 18:30

    The hand and body lotions sound amazing x

  4. 23/03/2018 / 17:05

    I still have yet to try a body butter but it sounds absolutely amazing! I’ve truly neglected to take care of my skin but this sounds like something I need.

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