What TV programmes are you loving?

I have watched so many great series on Netflix and I am looking for some more great recommendations of either things on TV or Netflix.

My top 5 I am loving are:


Brooklyn nine nine

Big Bang theory

Stranger things

Pretty little liars

Have you seen any of the above? What are you hooked on right now?

Sarah x



  1. Mariya aka BrunetteonDemand
    17/01/2018 / 23:32

    Except Riverdale I’ve watched every single one of those! Can’t wait for ST season 3!!!!!!!!

    x Mariya

  2. 18/01/2018 / 19:02

    Big bang and stranger things 😍😍 yessss!

  3. Discount Style Guru
    18/01/2018 / 22:36

    I’m hooked on American Horror stories

  4. 19/01/2018 / 16:29

    I haven’t watched Riverdale yet! x

  5. 21/01/2018 / 13:19

    I really want to watch riverdale! I’m still hooked on reign

    Tasha x

  6. 21/01/2018 / 13:44

    I’m loving the documentaries atm. Prison ones are interesting. Love black mirror!!

  7. Unfiltered Mama
    22/01/2018 / 14:49

    I might give Riverdale a try… everyone is talking about it! I’m addicted to fuller house though lol. Can’t wait until they add more shows!

  8. 28/01/2018 / 20:24

    I’m watching stranger things and orange is the new black!Both great seasons!Xx

  9. 29/01/2018 / 00:50

    I really like The Big Bang Theory too. Have you watched Modern Family? I’m a fan. Right now I’ve been watching The Bachelor, America’s Next Top Model, and MTV’s The Challenge.

  10. sightswithhsite
    11/02/2018 / 20:51

    Stranger Things is magic, BBT is awesome. Currently watching Mindhunter and Unabomber. Also White Collar is fantastic as well

  11. 23/02/2018 / 13:50

    I love Stranger Things and Brooklyn 99. Riverdale is on my watch list though!

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