Scienea superberry skin firming serum

If you have read my blog for a while now, you know I love trying new skincare. Today I am sharing my thoughts with you about the Scienea superberry skin firming serum which is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidents.

I love that it is 100% natural and is suitable for all skin types. The serum aims to penetrate deep into your skin to help boost your skins natural defences and in turn improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin.

As it repairs your skin, it is also good if you have any acne scarring or visible wrinkles. Not only does it help your skin for the future, but it can help with existing skin problems too.

I particularly noticed this working well on my acne scars on my forehead and also it helped to firm the skin under my eyes (I didn’t put it too close to my eyes don’t worry!).

It is a very light serum and soaks in quickly. It smells great and if applied at night, I think you can see a difference when you wake up. I am using this several nights a week along with my usual skincare routine.

Sarah x



  1. 10/12/2017 / 11:58

    This sounds great, I love the packaging and it’s great it soaks in quickly! X

  2. 11/12/2017 / 20:44

    This sounds perfect! I would love to try this

    Tasha x

  3. Mummy Cat
    12/12/2017 / 16:19

    sounds lovely, it kinda reminds me of that oil they recommend pregnant women to use to help with stretch marks (the name completely escapes me)

  4. 12/12/2017 / 17:05

    Sounds amazing and love the packaging! Great review x

  5. Unfiltered Mama
    12/12/2017 / 22:52

    I love that it’s a light serum! That means it goes on easily with no mess… something I always look out for!

  6. Discount Style Guru
    14/12/2017 / 21:50

    Lovely packaging and a really good post ! I think I may try this

  7. 18/12/2017 / 15:34

    I need this in my life. Had no idea it was available. Thank you for your great post. I really enjoyed it. It is so useful.

  8. Caitlin Houston
    29/12/2017 / 15:05

    ohh sounds brilliant x

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