Kandy Station

Sweets through the post, what a great idea! Kandy station offer a great range of sweets/chocolate you can have delivered to you or to someone as a gift. The Box of love contains 6 x 100g bags of sweets plus love hearts and a love heart dip 🙂 at £5.99 I think this is really great value.

You can see how great the selection is above and there are lots of other themes to pick from. As well as these sweet boxes they have a lot of other great things on their site including American themed sweets and drinks, yum yum!

They have a good range or dairy free/gluten free things too so if you have any food intolerance’s it would be worth checking them out so you don’t miss out on a sweet treat 🙂

Roll on payday so I can spend all my money on American sweets haha.

Sarah x



  1. 04/11/2017 / 13:52

    These look amazing! My other half would love this. Is it random each box or can you choose what sweets you get?

  2. Unfiltered Mama
    04/11/2017 / 15:14

    What a cute idea! Nothing better than receiving something in the mail that you didn’t expect.. especially candy!

  3. 04/11/2017 / 16:55

    They look amazing and they sound great as well! x

  4. olivia
    04/11/2017 / 21:28

    these would be a great gift idea!

  5. Discount Style Guru
    05/11/2017 / 07:24

    What a brilliant idea I’m going to check them out as this would be a lovely xmas gift !

  6. Dreams&Lashes
    05/11/2017 / 15:59

    I’m a big fan of anything sweet! I’ve just bought some today actually haha the red hearts are my fave! xx


  7. 05/11/2017 / 17:38

    £5.99 is an amazing price! I might consider doing this soon

    Tasha x

  8. Mummy Cat
    06/11/2017 / 09:57

    I love the look of this! Are the hearts strawberry or are they just all chocolate?

  9. 07/11/2017 / 19:04

    Ahhhh this is so sweet, retro sweets are the perfect thing to cheer someone up x

  10. 08/11/2017 / 12:24

    I love sweets so this is definitely my idea of an amazing gift 😍😍😍

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