Do you always read the washing instructions?!

Some of us always read washing instructions and some of get so confused by all of the different logos /instructions that we wash everything on the same setting and pray for the best. I fall in to the later category!

Data label recently ran a survey and 56% of people find laundry labels to be confusing, are you in this percentage?! You can read more about the survey here on the laundry and cleaning news website.

I ended up shrinking a couple of my husbands jumpers as I didn’t read the instructions and put them in as what I call a “normal wash” so I have been warned by him, I must read the instructions in future. We now have 3 jumpers sat in the washing bin that I haven’t touched in a couple of months as I just didn’t feel like I could be dealing with figuring out what to do with them.

Not understanding washing instructions can be very daunting and may even out you off wearing certain clothes if you know they have to washed in a special way but you don’t quite understand the confusing logos.

Data label have been amazing and put together this chart for those of us that don’t really know what we are doing. I mean, until a few years ago my mum still did my washing and last time I checked, they don’t teach you about washing or anything like this at school, you just have to pick it up and figure it out yourself!

data label washing instructions

I think this chart is really handy and has helped me a lot. I am no longer scared to do the washing haha 🙂 I have even printed this off and stuck it to the inside of my cupboard where I keep my washing tablets.

Sarah x


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