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Gizmo is always being spoilt, whether with new toys, different food or treats. He loves new things! We decided to give webbox premium natural good a go. 


Most of the food he currently has is chicken flavour so we tried chicken and duck, as well as chicken and salmon.

The side of the pack shows a feeding guide depending on the size of your cat which I think is great as it really helps to make sure you are giving your furry friend the correct amount. The natural food is wheat and gluten free, vet approved and includes things to help neutralise free radicals as well as promoting digestion and aiding teeth cleaning.


Who can resist a treat now and again?! The great thing about the cats delight tasty sticks is not only that they come in a range of flavours but they are for cats and kittens. Usually you have to buy separate treats and food depending on the cat/kittens age but these are suitable for any! 🙂


I would love to tell you what ones Gizmo liked the most but I can’t exactly ask haha and the way he woofed them all down, I think he was pretty impressed with all of the flavours!

The like-e-lix were something I was very curious about, we tried the creamy and yoghurty treats and Gizmo loved them! They certainly are something different they went down a treat 🙂

I have been really impressed with all of the Webbox range Gizmo has tried and he is definitely one happy kitty!

Sarah x


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