My new favourite hair brush

Having such knotty and damaged hair I have to be so careful with whatever I use to brush my hair. When wet I had been using my wet hair shower brush but as I leave that in the bathroom I wanted a new hairbrush to use after I have washed my hair.

Tangle angel

I love the design with the angel wings on and I love how similar it is to other tangle brushes but it has a handle to make it easier to hold! You can use it on dry or wet hair and you don’t need to worry about it tugging or hurting, it is so lovely to use and really helps to de-tangle my hair.

Tangle angel

The brush is also so easy to clean. I always used to forget to clean my old one regularly but its so so important!

The Tangle Angel comes in so many colours they would be great for anyone of any age 🙂

Sarah x



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