Elegant Touch press on nails

As much as I love having gel nails it takes SO long to do them! In a rush the Elegant touch 3 minute manicure is a life saver. They are so easy to use and at £7.99 a pack it is so much cheaper than getting your nails done professionally and they look just as good!

elegant touch 3 minute manicure

In the pack you get a nail file/buffer and a wipe to use before applying the nails. They also come in a variety of sizes(with lots of spares too) so you can pick the perfect ones to fit your nails.

You simply wipe your nails and file/buff them and then stick the nails on and hey presto, the perfect manicure.

elegant touch 3 minute manicure

I was so impressed with them and they lasted just over a week which I think is pretty amazing 🙂

elegant touch 3 minute manicure

Sarah x


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